February Loot!

8e54rfwNew LCD 😀

I know i’ve not been posting up blog entries, been recently busy and nothing interesting to post too. Day in and day out doing the rotation of Eat, work, game, sleep. Mostly work.

But I’m still alive.


Starting 2014 with some hardware

2014. Promoted to a full-time from my part-time job.

And time for an upgrade



Also upgraded my line to a 10mbps one. Uploading stuff never been this easy.




Finally had my Convocation this morning.

Apparently I’ve been awarded Most Outstanding Academic Award Achievement.

Had to give a speech and it was a Speedrun. It felt like a 10 minutes speech but friends told me it was under a minute.

Achievement Unlocked: 1 minute speech.

I’ve entered Hydaelyn


So yes, I’ve ventured into Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn.

Played the one before they remade the whole thing, It was iffy.

Played about 5 hours into A realm reborn and it was not bad.

I’ll be on the JP server: Tonberry

I need to Chop more wood!


Year of the Snake and 24th

A day has pass after my 24th birthday.

It’s has been a kinda good year for me so far.

Celebrated with good friends, drinks and music the night before.

Looks like there is nearly to none updates.

Been busy with work till by the time I could post up something, I got lazy and tired. Or had other stuff to do.


Authentic Ramen Locally

My friend from Japan came back to kuching and wanted to try his ramen.

It was good.


Nothing like a good lunch with great friends and beer.

AIDOL Staff Battle Vote Results

It’s been along time since I updated anything.

Small update: In the previous week and months, I’ve been busy with graduating and signing up for Internship.

Recently AIDOL had an event, namely AIDOL Staff Battle. I was apart of it 🙂

Been making videos for AIDOL and enjoyed making them. I’ve never been so hyped up about an event.

Here’s the late video and the results that I’ve made