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About my Hair

What do guys you think?

Thanks guys for the suggestion. Poll is close. I’ll leave my hair long as it goes, and also might get a wig.


She music

While i was searching some musics, I came along this artist, called She music. He has done quite alot of remixes, from Electronica, Dance, Industrial music. And seriously, it’s not bad. If you listen to remixes from basshunter or along the lines, She music will blow you away. Aside from listening to the mainstream music nowadays, it’s good to hear something different.
Go check it out.

M16A1 Kiyoko

Here are some pictures of me with my replica M16A1


Girls with Guns

Hmm…. seems like a good ldea. Time to find my Replica M16A1…

First step

Here is some pictures i’ve taken.. i’m just starting out.. still have more room to improve my postures and others.

Pictures may look iffy on zoom, cos i took it using a crappy digital camera ^^;

Enjoy ^^/

Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer

New by Treyarch. The game is gonna release on the 9th November. Looking at the trailer, it’s gonna be epic in my opinion. I’m just looking forward for the Storyline. Something new. But it is kinda fast release tho since Modern Warfare 2 came out like 7 months or so ago? And I’m still playing it, online on Steam.

Looking at the trailer. I think the timeline for BlackOps is during the Vietnam war and the Coldwar. And as a plus, Treyarch! Thank you for bring back Dedicated servers. Now we can have LAN Party. Just the name “BlackOps”, looks like we are going to be playing in the eyes of commandos, intense missions, and epic storyline. I just can’t wait what’s installed for us end of this year.

Anyway, the full Official World Premier Teaser Trailer is gonna be broadcast in an hour or so on Hope You guys are looking forward for the next installment of the Call Of Duty Series.