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Reporting from work, 1st day

Ah, the smell of my office. Looks cleaner than before. Some staff gone and some new staff.

Out of no where, my boss send me to the other branch to take over one staff which on this day was taking a leave. After few hours later. Sadly i chipped my nail =( Sore foot and leg due to standing too long to serve my customers. I’m not good at serving customers T_T. My chinese sucks, but i have a lot of information on pc stuff. I’m more fitting to be in the office dealing with computers.

And dealing with customers, for me is a pain. I’m rather a quiet person. So sometime i can’t answer customer’s question as fast. Call me unprofessional or whatever, i just don’t like dealing with customers directly.

Thanks for reading. =)


Care Package in 3weeks

Me: Hmm… Lets see whether it works *throws care package marker*
Radio: Care Package on the way!
Me: Alright!
Radio: Care Package will be on route in 3 weeks!
Me: Alri…. WHAT?!
Radio: Your package is custom made.
Me: Ohh…. okay… *camps at drop zone*

This is a teaser what is coming in 3 weeks time.. =p Thanks for reading!


It’s coming.. Just few moments away and we can watch the E3 Press conference Live!


Wow, after Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft Press Conference, many new games have been announced. I’m god damn excited. I cant wait for what’s installed for Nintendo and Sony. But the ones that attend the press conference got FREE New XBox 360 with Kinect ready and New slick Black and “slim” design! Omg.

Getting on. The New games that i’m very interested is Call of duty: Black Ops, Need for speed Hot pursuit (YES! it’s back!), Medal of honor “modern warfare” and much more! This end of this year and beginning next year is gonna get interesting.

All i can say is, I am very excited for the next upcoming new games and some of their 3rd installation of the title.

Thus ended..

Nintendo and Sony’s Press Con. was Awesome. And TWISTED METAL IS BACK! after all these years and more awesomeness.

Console are now going in to 3d.. You have the Nintendo 3DS, and PS3 3D update.

Thanks for reading. =D


I’m just posting for the sake of updating. lol.

Starting work soon, back to my old workplace. Earning money means more stuff to buy. Be slotting in my study schedule. Lucky my boss is good to me, I can come when ever i’m free.

Most probably will get something next few week and might add on a wig while at it.

Thanks for reading and please look forward for the next updates. ^^/