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Here are some pictures. Specially for Danbo and to rest of my readers. =) Please visit Chisame and Danbo‘s blog if you haven’t. Check them out. I really admire those two very much. They are very good cross dressers. Sadly they are stopping.  So yea, hope you guys enjoy my sets of pictures. Sorry for low quality pictures, i’m still using digital camera.

Thanks for reading. =)

Note: The hunting rifle is real.

Pictures was taken a bit rushed because that rifle is my dad’s one. lol.


Food Cravings

I don’t know why, but these days i’m moving away from meat and more on fish. Fresh steam fish is the best. Oh my god. It just melts in you mouth. *drolls*

Another thing that i long for is Salad. Mmmm…  Crunchy lettuce leaves and purple lettuce, sliced onions, cherry tomatoes,virgin olive oil, vinegar and goat cheese. Omg.. Just thinking of it makes me hungry.

Might be a change of eating diet?

Oh yes. Will be taking more pictures soon. =D

Megu Megu ☆ Fire Endless Night!

Currently on my playlist. By samfree…

Listening to Hinoi team and of course Megu Megu Fire Endless Night. I know i’m slow.. But hey, I’m loving it.

What would the world be without music.

♪ だいすき  ♪ ヽ(´▽`)/


Take 2. Now with my headband and zebra socking… =D

Thanks for reading.

Okaerinasai Goshujin-sama

Okaerinasai Gohujin-sama. Yes, i have my custom made maido after three weeks =D. Here are few sets of pictures. Still, i’ll be taking some more.

Anyway, i hope i met your expectations. I’m really enjoying my maido outfit. Still wearing it when writing this post. XD

Thanks for reading my diary ^^/

Beach getaway

Back from my weekend getaway at the beach with my friends. And nop, i’m not in the picture. I’m behind the camera.

Something to add

Just adding on some more pictures to my collection as i wait for my package. This time without the cardigan, like  just came back from school. =p

Played with my digital camera ISOs in the process. lol.

Well, my dad will be leaving the city for red cross award tomorrow. Being said that, me and my friends are going for a getaway (just a day trip) to a beach. Ah, it has been quite awhile since i went to the beach. The last time i went was on new year’s eve.

Anyway enjoy your day and thanks for reading! ^_^/