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Saber lily & Youmu

Finally my two posters wall scrolls (thanks for Chisame for pointing that out) arrive in the mail. Haven’t been updating much this days. Went out quite alot and spent my 1 week worth of allowance on food and booze. T_T but that doesn’t matter because of good friends, booze, food and laughs. Happy Birthday to her again =D This week i’ll stay home and play some Online games like Uncharted waters Online.

And also need few more points then i’ll reach the Silver league in StarCraft 2 (friend “gave” me his account. lol).


Food Festivalおいしい!!

It’s that time of year when you just eat, eat and eat. My City’s Food Festival.

Me and my friend went on a pork fest, eating German sausages, Taiwan sausages, bacon wrapped chicken skewers. Oh god, they are mouth watering. There weren’t that many people on the day i went as it was a weekday and also raining. If it was on a weekend, the place will be packed. We enjoyed the food and also my sister’s performance on stage, singing. Might go again on another day. =p

Anyway, thanks for reading =D

Laptop Cleaning

This is what a Hp Tx2025 looks like when it is dismantled. A friends laptop that is. He asked me to change the thermal paste as there are issues of his laptop overheating (up to 90+  degrees celsius). As soon it was done, it dropped to 38 degrees. Cool. Yea i got paid, means funding for future plans.


This is the sick season i think. Most of my friends are starting to be sick and me next?

Down with sore throat, flu and headache… T_T


Nothing much. As you can see that my title change a bit. Starting to you hiragana in my posts.

Hope i spelled correctly and the grammar is correct.

Thanks for reading.

I’m starting to lurk around /a/ and /jp/… lol..