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Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Happy Mooncake Festival! and yes i ate too much earlier. Now left with 2 pieces and my peppermint tea… Sad.

Guess what i ate today. Couldn’t finish it =( My stomach is seriously growing smaller…




(It’s been a while. I’ve not have been posting up pictures lately. Sorry. I’ve been busy with assignments.)

Lol. It’s been a long time since i wrote hiragana, there is some errors some where.

Anime Festival Asia 2010

Anyway. Lots of events are happening soon and at the year end there are two big events such as AFA 2010 and Comicfiesta 2010.

Oh god, JAM Project,  SCANDAL, angela, May’n and so much more are coming. JAM Project!!!!! I don’t really know about the others but JAM Project!

Both i really want to go. But due to budget and stuff, i only can choose one and will be Comicfiesta 2010. Oh wells. Next year I’ll might plan for both =p

Oh well, that for now. Going back to finish my assignments, doing MS access and others.

Thanks for reading. =)

Testing Blackberry Apps

Test test. Just testing out the wordpress apps for my blackberry. Cool, now I can check my mails and stuff when ever I go =D

Sick again?!

Arh. Why, why why…. *faints* RAGE~~~ just because of this, i have to postpone the photoshoot.

This time is worst than the last time i got sick.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


It’s been awhile since i ate Bak chor porridge at my downtown open market. Yum..

Final Fantasy 14 Online

Just got my beta key =D.

Cinematic and soundtrack are awesome.