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Stocking made me like stocking

My current Wallpaper. My fetish is getting worst _| ̄|○


Aftermath of a wonderful night

Had a great night with my friends. Great Night, great food, great drinks and great friends. What more could you ask for?

And yes, to my friends who was there that night and if you are reading this…

*Flips table*(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻!! But i still love you guys. Thanks.


21th on the 21th.. A new series of challenge in life for me awaits.

Test Passed

Had morning breakfast (Laksa, if you know this dish), went up to the class and sit for my semester test. But how this college test you is different that any other college (for IT courses). There is no written test, all I got to do is to sit in front of the pc and click. It is a objective test for all my future test. Roughly 35+ random question generated by the server and all students had different question. It is good yet bad. First of all, the result is shown right after you click done and of course objective, so there are no written test. The bad thing is yes, the result is shown right after you click done. lol.

But as the title said, i passed. Right after i pressed done. I closed my eyes and hope for the best. After a few seconds, i opened my eyes and YES! passed by 78% and my quiz was 78% too… so means 78% of the test (60 marks of total subject)and quiz(20 marks) i got around 60marks total. Automatically i passed my subject even tho if i didn’t do my Assignments. lol.

Anyway, I’m very happy as for now \^O^/

Food and Shows

Just a minor update. Well, 1st test is over on to the next one is later this morning. Just took a few pictures, and my battery camera went kaput. Will continue to take some shots later tonight.

While I was lurking around Youtube. I found a channel that uploads one of my favorite TV show till the latest one and still will be uploading them. Hells Kitchen and Kitchen nightmares. I totally love them because it has drama and of course Food! I love to cook. I’m a sucker for Romance Drama shows but kinda picky on what i want to watch. I’m quite sensitive, so if there is a sad or touching moment, oh you bet i’ll cry. I don’t really sit in front of the TV to watch shows since a long time ago since i have the internet. lol. But yea, since i missed out like 4-5 seasons of kitchen nightmares and hells kitchen, i’ll be watching them back to back. Less sleep for me >_<

Anyway, time for me to continue with my show. =D



edit: i want some news about Diablo III!

I need my body fixed

Sleeping though breakfast, lunch and dinner. Through class, and being active at night. Crap.My body clock is messed up.

This is what I’ve been doing for the past few days. Making videos are so fun. Plus i’m new to video editing and stuff so it makes me stay in front of my PC for hours recording and editing. lol.

But seriously, i need my body clock fixed. I really need the help of Tool Toul To. XD