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First Figma

After few thoughts, I finally decided to buy. Kagami from lucky star is one of my favorite character.  Also there was a 20% off of all figures, figma and gundams. It was my friend’s shop who want to get rid of his old stocks. And yea, this is my first figma. =D


Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to wish Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it and to my readers =)

Games and classes

It’s been a quite awhile since i update.

Been playing alot of Black Ops. Now i’m 2nd prestige, going on to the 3rd.

Assignment due next week and also a presentation.

I think this month is a lazy month.

Oh yes. Went to see a skin specialist near my place with my mum. All these while i thought my acne was not too bad. The doctor check up on me and he said that I’m in the serious types. So was put on medication on Dapsone pills. Area which is quite alot is on my back. It’s been 2 weeks now, the next check up is next month. So far it has work around my face, not much acne and pimples. Wonderful. =D

So… yea this what have been up lately.

Some of the pictures of me on Halloween was on my local newspaper fews days ago. lol.

Space Battleship Yamato Revival

Just watched Space Battleshit Yamato revival in glorious 1080p. I know i watch it quite late but still….

I salute. Cried more than 4 times on various scenes.  Plus the music/soundtrack they used, made me cry even more. The best movie I ever watched. Touched me very much.

And i’m still having the after effect watching it. Seriously, still having tears even after finishing the movie as I write this post.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Release

Finally i have mine!

Friend’s New Shop

Earlier this week went to my friend’s shop. Had a soft opening. Still fixing up the air conditioning on the 2nd level of his shop. So tempting to buy but not enough cash at the moment.

Talking about money, selling my PS3 away to my friend as i’m not playing much and concentrating on my PC more than my PS3 or Wii. What i need now is money. Means more clothes for me to buy \^o^/

New Vegas

Been playing Fallout 3: New Vegas through this entire week as i wait my Pre Order of Black Ops to come.

Have my T-45d Power Armor and my Anti Material Rifle. It’s time to hunt some DeathClaws!