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Happy New Year 2011!

Before i go out for dinner and countdown with my friends, I would like to wish my readers a very Happy New Year. =)


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to my lovely readers. Drive safe and have a wonderful Christmas. A new year ahead and new things to come.

Thank you for following me all these time. =D


ComicFiesta 2010 Day1 Part 2

And here’s Part 2. There is another batch of Dollfie. Will upload them later.

ComicFiesta 2010 Day1 part 1

Here is Part 1 of what i took. Going to release them in 2 parts. Stay tuned. =D

ComicFiesta 2010 pictures in process

Attended Comicfiesta 2010 Day 1. Sad that i have to leave that night. Missed alot of awesome performance and cosplay. Time to process my pictures.

Back From Vacation

Finally I’m Back from my vacation. Got a DSLR Finally. Canon 550D with 18-200mm lens. Well my dad bought it, but i can play with it =D During my vacation, i manage to get to attend ComicFiesta 2010 but sadly i only can make it for half a day as my flight was on the 1st day at night. Oh well, Time to transfer those picture i took. about 300+ of them and pick the best one. I still got lots to learn about photography.

And also it means i can take quality pictures now =D

Flying over

Going on for a vacation on the 13th. It was a last minute thing that my dad booked tickets. I was like wow, an unplanned last minute vacation. And I’ll be in time for Comicfiesta. =D Only manage to go one day. Then have to fly back. Sad. Hope I can Snap alot of pictures while i’m there. Going for a 5 days vacation. I’ll be activating my Blackberry plan for the interwebs. Can’t live without it.