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CNY clean up

It’s has been a busy week. Cleaning up the house, buying food stuff and decoration for the Chinese New Year. Planning BBQ and Modern D&D (zombie apocalypse) session with friends. Just hope I don’t get sick over this week. Yummy BBQ with lots of pork. *slurp*. Oh well, going back to do more cleaning.



After a BBQ with beer last night, today with steamboat. After all that I weight myself on the scale and my weight didn’t change T_T. Eating alot and more frequently but still I can’t hit the 50kg mark. Zetsubou-Shita!!!

Jamming with friends

Back from jamming with my friends. It’s been the 6th time playing the drums. Up to now I improved my timing on the sequences. It was very very fun and i feel good completing songs.

For now my friends and me were playing, starting off with Radiohead – Creep (easy beat to start off), then i move on to White stripes- 7 Nation Army, ACDC – TNT, Nirvana – Lithium (only half tho) and Smells like a team spirit. Not really 100% of the original song but around 60-70% of the beats and the rest, I improvise to fit my level. Lol.

I totally enjoy playing Smells like a team spirit by Nirvana. Beats are quite easy. Tried to play some K-on songs like Don’t say “Lazy” and Fuwa fuwa time but even tho the song sound easy, it is very technical. But someday we will reach there. My friends on the guitar and bass can play some K-on! songs and waiting for me to learn them =p.

Now, hometown band and next BUDOKAN! XD

Stuff I bought during CF2010


1st Post of 2011

What to start off the year with the 1st post on the 1st day of the year. Had some few drinks with my friends and was enjoying myself.  Happy new year guys =)