Been playing alot of Mahjong lately and been addicted to it. The sound of the tiles cracking as shuffling them, the Pongs, Chows, Kongs. The sweet sweet sounds. More intense strategy than “Big-Two” and others.

Received lots of “Ang-Pau”, and now I’m in a dilemma to buy stuff. Electronic Drum kit, HTC Aria or just save up to fill my stomach along the way. But of course I’m gonna but more dresses and cosplay stuff. Just as soon as I sell off my PS3 that is and I’ll have more cash in my pocket.

If I had a long holiday, I’ll go back to my old workplace and earn some money. But the thing is that there are no long holidays in which my studies offer. The most is around 1-2 weeks. Not as much as my previous campus. Summer holidays, which gave me 3 months free from books. I’m able to work for 2 months or so.

Speaking of money, come to think of it, I haven’t gotten my free netbook from my college. But then again I have to wait till my study loan clears. Dammit. =( I’ll sell off the upcoming netbook and i’ll be able to buy what I wanted. Oh well, stuff isn’t going as I planned.

  1. And socks and stockings too! Hope your money troubles get resolved though -_-

    • Natsuki
    • February 10th, 2011

    Out of curiosity, what are you studying, Kiyoko?

  2. Oh yes, more socks and stockings of course.

    Currently I’m taking Diploma in IT. Either Majoring in Programming or Networking. I can choose either one on my last semester, so there is quite a long time to think which one I’m more fitting to. I have a Foundation in Business cert, but because my passion is with Computers, I decided to change to IT instead of continuing my degree.

  3. There are many sets of rules for playing mahjong which rules do you go with? The japanese play by a different set of rules than they use in Taiwan.

    Glad to see that you’re still pretty active.

  4. I usually play Hong Kong and Japan rules depending which my friends want to play.

    I’m still not really sure of the Japanese Mahjong rules. The Hong Kong one i’m quite familiar with.

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