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Looks like Chisame and Danbo’s blog is MIA.

I’m wondering how’s danbo. Ever since that last post. I hope he had help with his studies. Kinda worries me.

Chisame’s blog link is broken. Link can’t be found. I know he changed to, but still it dosen’t come out.

Been few weeks now. Finals coming up soon, tons of assignment on the way, my package still some where, and running out of cash soon. *headdesk*


Kyan!me Audition

There was an Audition for the Kyanime Anime Convention on June. Didn’t get to audition with my band cos we were missing a vocalist. But due to only one band performing, we might have a chance to just enter just to fill in the gaps. I would like to perform during this con. =D

Pray for Japan Donation

Few days after. The No.3 Reactor of Fukushima nuclear powerplant exploded (not a nuclear explosion but a hydrogen and oxygen explosion). For now it’s nothing serious but a 20km radius of the plant has been put on warning. Few hundred thousand of people have been evacuated. More bodies have been found and still ongoing. It breaks my heart watching news and people finding for their love ones and their home.

Google’s Person finder

2011 Google Crisis Response

Donation can be made from 100 Yen up to 50,000 Yen.

Few Million people are without electricity, water and food. Although they are prepared to handle natural disaster, we should lessen their burden. An Earthquake, Tsunami and a Nuclear Powerplant crisis. This is really bad and please help them in any way possible.

More new on the current crisis.

NHK World

BBC World asia pacific

Nico Nico Live


Pray for Japan

We all know the news. Earlier this afternoon a Magnitude 8.9 Earthquake hit off shore, east of Sandai. It was felt till Beijing, China. So far as for now, 30+ Casualties have been confirmed. Tsunami warning are issued to over 20 counties.

I pray that everyone in Japan will make it out alive. This Earthquake is the largest and longest duration ever been recorded in Japan history since over a century. The worst Earthquake ever to hit japan, even tho it’s off shore.

I take this time to wish my Condolences to Japan.

Edit: about 200-300 bodies have been found and more than 500 missing. This is tragic.

As time goes by the hour, there are more casualties. Failure of nuclear reactors in Fukushima. Another earthquake. I just hope this wouldn’t get worst. I wish for the people to be safe and recover. Please any one, help in any way for Japan such as donations. I know I’ll donate.

Pray for Japan.

Update #3

It been awhile. If you followed my twitter I mention something about sending my measurements to a tailor. Looking forward to it. Hope it does come out fitting me just right. Measurements for bust kinda “flat”. Hope it’s not too tight. But i’ll be in time to reveal it on the upcoming Anime Con in my city middle this year.

Anyway, back at my daily life. My Mahjong skills are improving bit by bit. Using local rules instead of official Taiwan or Hong Kong or Japan rules as my mum and dad are playing with me at home. I got OWNED by my parents as they are Mahjong pros. But slowly I get to win as much as they are wining. Lots of laughs in the beginning as i made lots of mistakes. Lol. Today is my Dad’s Birthday as i write this post. I nearly forget about it. >.<

Happy Birthday Dad!