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A year

I just realized that it’s been over a year since I first start this blog. Cool. Never kept a blog alive this long before. I guess the mindset of “blog everyday and everything” isn’t in my head.

P.S: The cake is a Lie.


Portal 2

Just finish playing Portal 2. Nice twist to the story and nice ending. Love it.

New Stuff Part2

Second part of my Shuffle! Serafuku. Plus, have my printed facemask and white stockings on too. I love my Serafuku. It’s very comfortable, fabric is nice and the quality too is very good. Money well spent if I do say so myself.

On another note, lighting struck my house or at least somewhere near, my motherboard LAN card was dead. Modem/router was fine. Ran out to buy a PCI LAN adapter. I think my motherboard is deterioration. Everything else seems fine.

Anyway, thanks for reading =)

p.s.: the last few pictures was playing between F 3.5 and 5.0-5.6. That’s why it is overexposed. I tend to shoot photos a little bit over exposed. Seems kinda nice for me. >.<

New Stuff

Finally have my Shuffle! Serafuku. Just uploading 2 pictures for now as I have to finish my C++ and Linux assignments. Have more stuff to come. I think I’ll have time to take more pictures and upload them this weekend or the next. For now I’m running on a deadline.  Thanks for reading. =)

What a Wedding

My friend put up a link on Facebook and It was a video of a wedding. But It’s not any ordinary wedding. A Saliormoon Cosplay Wedding. I was blown away by the video they made just for their wedding. Simply wonderful. Both Husband and wife are spectacular cosplayer. I would like to see their future kids. 8D

Here’s the link to their Video.

究極+紅月凌 – 雪の夜

April Fools!

Happy April Fools day! Tho it is about 5 hours past when I write this post.

Didn’t fool friends or been fooled. lol. But enjoying others been fooled. XD