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May end

Well, there is a new lecturer now, but haven’t learn much. As his teaching material from the HQ haven’t arrived yet. What I can see from a perspective of a student, he don’t know what is he doing. I prefer my previous lecturer, he knows his stuff (obviously 10 years of teaching in the same institute) and can explain in a way that everyone can understand. But it’s still too early to judge.

It’s near end of May and “Gawai Day” is around the corner (1st June). A festival where there is beer, hard liquor, wine and anything that gotta have alcohol in it.  There be lots of drinking next week. Gonna go house hopping to some of my friends. Free food and booze! Yay! Gotta take advantage of food while cash is running low.

Next week end will be having an Anime Convention and the last time I’ll be having my long hair. Parents and weather is pushing me to cut my hair. To the extent of if my cut my hair, I’ll get something in return. That’s how far my parents want my hair to be short. But I’ll wouldn’t cut it too short. Might be a medium length hair style. So on the Ani-Con, it’s the last time I have my own long hair. But most probably I’ll buy a wig for future crossplay.

Anyway, thanks for reading and will be taking pictures for next week’s Ani-Con.


Week of nothing-ness

Yet another week of bored-ness, Friends are having exam, didn’t get any jamming session last night. Wow, ever since my project and assignment have been done, I feel so free till I have nothing to do.

Speaking of classes and what not, Another semester begins and there is no lecturer to replace my previous Linux lecturer. Wtf? I can understand him leaving for another job as he have been teaching for 10 years with the same pay but almost the whole management changed. Me and my classmates was like “F**k this s**t” and went off early on thursday as there is nothing to do until a lecturer is found for our class. Fail management is Fail.

I believe today’s Rapture day aka “The end of the world” but I don’t see anything happening. Still a bright and shiny morning over here. Didn’t knew about it till every one was talking about it on facebook and twitter. Lol. Oh well, Still another boring day. I think I’ll go out later.

On that note, I damn running low on cash and majority of my spending is on food. Eating at home isn’t enough for me. Whenever I go out, food is everywhere tempting me to eat eat eat. In the end…. nom nom nom…. T_T

Modern Warfare 3

Time to lock and load. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Trailer was out yesterday. Ahh, another Call Of Duty series to be on my playlist. Been playing the Modern warfare series and black ops online since 2008-09 with my clan mates and friends. I can never get enough of fraging players. I can say i’m a veteran player on the PC if I say so myself. But gameplay tells better right?

In my history of the call of duty series, I have been a serious competitor when comes to online or LAN playing for the call of duty series. Always strive to get top score/kill and winning matches either teamdeath match or objective team play (domination, S&D, etc).  It’s always rewarding to get them high killstreaks or killstreak reward.

What can I say? I’m pretty a hardcore call of duty player. To frag or  be fragged. To hunt or be hunted. To kill or be killed.

Thanks for reading.

Morning sun of May 10th 2011

The morning of May 10th 2011. Was up since 5am+, that is god damn early for me. Bored and was staring outside at the morning sun outside my house. Slowly it went up and it was relaxing to see the morning sun. So went to grab my dad’s camera and wanted to share it with you guys. Can’t get a 100% image that I experienced this morning but close to it.

Oh well, it’s close to 9am. My class is gonna start soon. Thanks for reading.

Happy Mother’s Day

Gonna write 1st post for the month of May to wish my mum, Happy Mother’s day.

My mum have been supportive and understanding. Though she persist me to cut my hair, I still love her.

Love you mum! =D