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Kyanime Recap

Ok. Here’s a small recap of my point of view on Kyanime. I know it’s like 2 weeks since kyanime. It was good. Cosplayers are more than last years. Lots of impressive cosplayers. Met new friends. Awesome friends. I totally enjoyed the event. Tho there are some people are unsatisfied of the event. I really don’t see a problem on the event beside having less audiences and some activities didn’t attract any attention. The panels were talking to themselves. Lol. Quite a sad sight to see. Venue was ok I guess. My friends brought some flash umbrellas and they made a made shift mini studio at the corner of the mall. Suddenly alots of photographers came and wanted in the action. lol. Great event, awesome friends, and enjoyable time. I’m satisfied. =D

P.S: The photo is me with a wig, with no mask on and with full make up. It was funny to see some of my friends didn’t recognize me and mistaken me as a girl. Lol.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.



Kyanime Day 3 Pictures

Sorry for the delay. Was occupied by my new phone. Here are some of the Collection of what I’ve taken. I was cosplaying/crossplaying and shooting some pictures at the same time.


Darn boring hot day. Sitting at a cafe faking that I’m studying with some work papers on the table. lol. All I’m thinking is all about monies. Spent abit extra on this month’s allowances. Don’t have an emergency funds as they are all worn out.. … .Oh wait, I do have a blackberry bold 9000. Not using it much since it “rejects” my sim card. Maybe i could trade it in for a better phone or some cash. I’m in need of  a new phone to kill my boredom as I sit somewhere either waiting for friends, class, a ride or something.

As I sit in this cafe, I’m just writing away on this entry. Looks like I’m studying hur? NOT! Lol.

*5 minutes later*

At last my drink arrived. Nothing like Ice lemon and listening to NICO touches the walls on this hot blardy day. Boredom sucks. What I need is a sleep. Sleeping kills my boredness. It’s Super effective.

*water drips on to paper*

Dammit! Didn’t noticed the condensation of ice dripping on my paper. Darn paper is now soaked. FML.

Clouds are over my area, nice smooth breeze and Iced Lemon drink. Awesome. As the music on my phone switching, I’m thinking of the thing I haven’t got or going to get. My college still owes me a free netbook. Yes, it made me enroll into this college. It may sound stupid for a guy like me to be easily “cheated” into this small college but one of my friend took his diploma here. Also, I couldn’t find a college that have somewhat proper IT subjects for a general field of IT. Either that or I was looking in the wrong places.

It’s a small college building and when I say small, I mean really small. A half block building. The college in my city is small, but at other branches in other places are big. Facilities sucks, management sucks, lectures resigning and class conducted is in a mess. All I can do is just continue and hope thing would be for the better. My study loan have been approved (that’s a relieve). Now I just need to stay above GPA 2.0 for the loan to constantly come in. I liked my last lecturer. He know what he’s doing. Unlike this current one. I’ll be better off studying on my own.

Yes, I’m bitching about class and what not now.

*Looks at time*

I still have an hour to kill before my class starts. Damn.

*stares into deep space*

Don’t know weather the class is empty or not. I’ll check after I finish my drink. *sigh*

*15 minutes later*

Hmm…. Maybe I should make a boredom entry. The chronicles of boredom. lol. Just to kill time at times that I’m really bored. I bet it’s gonna be long.

Sorry to waste 10 minutes of your life reading this entry. I’ll better stop now or else I’ll keep bitching more.

Thanks for reading.

Kyanime Day 2

Didn’t attend Day one but I attended Day two and three. Will upload Day three when I finish processing 400+ pictures.

Kyanime 2011

It’s the end of Kyanime 2011 and I’m damn tired. Will be processing pictures soon.

E3 2011 Thoughts

First up, Microsoft. Over all Microsoft wasn’t that impressive. There wasn’t any “WOW!” factor. Mostly are updated for the kinect, Halo 4, Dance Central 2, Modern warfare 3 and others. Mass Effect 3 with the voice and kinect interface caught my attention. Not bad. Speaking of Kinect, they introduced FunLabs. It lets you scan your things using the kinect and make it into an animation inside your Xbox360. Some of my friends will animate their Figmas and Figurines I’m guessing lots of people are gonna scan not work safe stuff. =/ You get the idea. They also be introducing more streaming TV for the 360 to make entertainment made easy for the users at home. Interaction with your 360 will be widen with the introduction of bing search engine. That’s for Microsoft. Nothing much impresses me.

EA’s press Conference was short and straight to the point. BattleField 3 was delicious. It looks greater than before and I will buy BF3. Tank battles, calling A-10s, wonderful graphics and much more. Their new FrostBite2 Engine impresses me. It might be par with Crytek’s Cyrsis engine. Need For Speed: The Run, looks like NFS + Mirror’s edge. Overstrike reminded me of Borderlands when the girl jump of the building and became invisible. Reckoning looks good, but fight scenes reminds me of Blade&Soul (a korean MMO which is still in production).  SSX came back. I didn’t really played much last time, but I do have some interest. The Sims Social. Pretty interesting if I do say so myself. A facebook game, which i’m guessing more and more people are gonna spend more time on Facebook more. I had always wanted to play TheSims Online last time, but didn’t had the cash to buy it. Now it’s possible! and on facebook. Moving on.
Ubisoft. It was Ubisoft’s 25th anniversary. Presentation is always different than the rest. Arron Priceman seems hyper. lol. But delivered an interesting presentation. As always Rayman was Ubisoft’s popular title. The new announced of Rayman Origins takes the stage. Farcry 4 coming out in 2012. Trailer was rather interesting. The enemy was rather ku-ku in the head. Next, a Nazi killing game. It’s not a zombie nazi game but a nazi nazi killing game. It resembles Inglorious Bastards the movie. 4 American killing Nazi. Gonna be a comedy, action shooter. Who doesn’t like comedy? As the movie The Adventures of TinTin is coming, so as the Adventures of TinTin the game. Ubisoft is gonna make it into a game. I do have some mix feeling for movies being ported into game or vice versa.
Ghost Recon, for me the most interested game thru out this Ubisoft Press Conference. As a FPS hardcore player, it interest me alot. With the introduction of Ghost Recon Online which is Free to play and online, I was like “Finally!” . For me it was the highlight for Ubisoft. Then the rest is downhill. Trackmania2 Canyon, was ok ok for me. Raving Rabbids was still just rabbids on the 360. The follow up for JustDance3 for the Xbox360. Rocksmith, which is interesting but only available for North America. Ubisoft ended with Assassins Creed Revelation. It will be the final chapter for the saga and explains everything. Not a bad Press Conference.
Sony. Amazing sony. Of course we know about PSN downtime.  Jack Tretton takes the stage to apologize to the millions and million s of PSN users. The addition of CinemaNow for added multimedia experience to the PS3. Uncharted 3 was all time favorite. Every PS3 owners know how amazing it is. For me it was the story which was very interesting. The next Uncharted 3 wouldn’t be same, it will be just as amazing. Resistance 3, another game which lots of PS3 owners have played before too. All in 3D of course.
A nice price on bundles have been reveled and it’s god damn cheap PlayStation Eye camera, a sharpshooter, a move controller, navigation controller, and the game (Resistance 3) for $150!!. Sony PS have made a 3D LCD branded for the PS system. 2 players will now not play on split screen but on the same screen, the other player will play thru his own eyes using the 3d glasses and the other player play his screen on his other set of glasses and it’s all on the same TV! 24″ 3D LCD bundled with 6′ HDMI cable, a pair of  3d glasses with the game (Resistance 3) for only $499.99 USD. That’s blardy damn cheap!
After that, was sports sports sports. Sorry to say I have little interest in sports games. Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest was fairly ok for me.  Infamous 2 looks great but I didn’t play the previous one. Little Big Planet was awesome as always. Common, how can you not like sackboy and able to customize everything for a game. StarHawk gonna be a galactic battleground. Dust 514 (PS3 Exclusive), an amazing game developed by CCP (EVE online) which connects the world of EVE online with the PS3’s Dust 514 in a FPS view. Bioshock: Infinite seems different from the previous titles. Now you are high in the sky, leaping rail after rail.
Three exclusive deals with EA on PlayStation 3. SSX exclusive level, Mt, Fuji. Need for Speed: The Run will have seven additional cars, including the Bugatti Veyron, on PS3. Finally, EA is using the extra space on Blu-ray to bundle Battlefield 1943 with Battlefield 3 on a single disc.
Next up, the PSVita is finally the name for the NGP. Kinda iffy name if you asked me. I rather call it the PSP2. But sony can call it what ever they want. Dual thumbsticks, back touchpad, two cameras, and OLED screen are new features on the Vita. It will be released with 2 set. WiFi only ($249) or with 3G ($299). Games for the PSVita showcases, ncharted, Wipeout, Little Deviants, Little Big Planet, Sound Shapes, Project: Gravity, Hustle Kings, Mod Nation Racers, Super Stardust, Ruin, Reality Fighters, Hot Shots Golf, Shinobi 2: Tales of the Ninja, Virtua Tennis 4, Dynasty Warriors and Dragon Crown. All going to the PSVita.
Nintendo. New Stuff. Wii U. But before that, lets talk about the games. Me also having a Wii, have some interest in some of the games, tho I rarely play it. Mostly was games for the 3DS. Ace Combat! Metal Gear Solid! Wow. I was impress that it’s going to the 3DS. Mostly are games that is on the 3DS which come back and playable on 3d. Mario Kart 3D, Star Fox 3D, Super Mario 3D, Luigi’s Mansion in 3D.
Back on the Wii U. Impressive new stuff. looks like a tablet and only possible with the Wii. You can’t take it out else where to play. It only extends the capability of the Wii using the Wii U. Now it’s possible to play the Wii without the TV just by switching to the Wii U. Wii U has rumble feature, touch screen, mic, speakers, accelerometers, gyroscope and inward facing camera. Not bad for a an add on. In fact, some games requires the user of the Wii U to play against 4 players. So it adds 1 more player to the Wii. A different way of playing with the introduction of the Wii U. SSMB for Wii U announced and coming. I love SSMB. Capt. Falcon FTW! FALCON PUNCH!
Next up, EA is bringing games to the Wii U. So it means in the future there will be games from EA in the Wii U. Not only EA but  Vicarious Visions, Irrational Games, 5th Cell, Namco and more will be joining the band wagon too. Tekken, Ghost Recon, Assassin’s Creed and more to be developed for Wii U. Impressive. Darksiders II, Ghost recon online, Metro last light, ninja gaiden and more is showcased for the Wii U.
There was one thing they show about Wii’s graphics which made me think. That is higher than the Wii’s graphic processing capability. Is there a new system coming soon? Which will bring it PAR level as Xbox 360 and PS3? My friend said, Nintendo have a secret which was codename Project Cafe but wasn’t reveled on Nintendo’s press Conference.
Well that’s all I have to report on E3. I didn’t go there personally, but I would love to go to one. I watch it live and this post resembles my thought on E3 for each Press Conference. This year is a year for the 3rd installment of mostly all games. <insert game title> 3. And also the Era of 3D.
Thanks for reading.  This is got to be the longest entry that I’ve wrote. Until next time.

E3 2011

E3 2011 press conference ended and it was fantastic. Will be writing about my views on the games and stuff on my next entry. For now, I’m so sleepy. Been awake all night watching and waiting for each Press conferences live.

Good night.