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Food Festival

At last the festival where everything is all about food. Good food, good company and lots of lovely girls around. Tho I’m not interested as for now. lol. Anyway, rest of the pictures will be uploaded after some rest and going through the pictures I’ve taken. It’s been a tiring weekend.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.



Anri Photoshoot

Lighting and studio equipment by my friends.

Tool of the trade: EOS 550D + 50mm f/1.8


Got offered a small project which consist of making a small video for a small company. So far it’s going on good. A little income is always good. Which will bring me to my next crossplay project even closer. It’s gonna be a busy time ahead. Just finished with small photoshoot. Will be uplaoding some pictures which I have taken at my friend’s studio. First time ever playing with flashes and proper studio lighting. Pictures were awesome. Too bad I’m limited to a 50mm f/1.8 lens. But still does the job.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading.


Okay. I think I overdosed on my cough syrup last 3 days ago. I swore it said 15ml 3 times a day on the description. A whole bottle finish in like 3 days. So then my dad said he have the same cough syrup that the doctor gave to him and he wanted to give it to me since he’s not drinking it. But then I saw the description that my dad’s doctor gave to him. It said 5ml 3 times a day. My mum and I was like “WTF?!”. We wanted to check my bottle but it was throw away already.

Is this the cause I was sleeping alot lately? I’ve been sleeping like literally the whole day for the past week. The only time I was awake is for breakfast, lunch, dinner and class. Even in class I’ve been sleeping. Oh well, what is done is done. If one day I don’t wake up then it will be the last of me. Lol. *touch wood*.




Boring class is boring

Another day at class. Bored as shit. Finish with my tutorials and Class end. Good thing I brought my video editing software to past the time. Made a compilation photo video for teh lulz.


Down with the Flu

Hate it when sickness strikes me. Then again who would like being sick.


After 2 nights of not eating and don’t know where the hell is the mum, I took it to a pet shop to have them take a look. She is healthy and active. She is around less than a months old I think.