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Hari raya day 1







Well, it’s end of day one. Ate alot of food. Visited two of my muslim friends. There was alot of cake and cookies.

Later that night (few hours ago actually) went for dinner at a restaurant with some friends. Ordered a set dinner which consist of soup, pork leg stew, pork ribs, steam fish nonya style, fried pineapple rice and mango sago pudding for dessert. Each costing about 13USD each. Ate so damn full. Nearly puke my stomach out laughing at jokes and what not.

Not going to show the mango sago pudding. It doesn’t seems appetizing in the picture but I taste very good.

Gonna let my stomach settle down as it digest. And as always thanks for reading.

PS: posting this from my phone.


Internal Clock

Well, my internal clock is screwed once again. Tried to reset it but failed. My sleeping hours is screwed too. From sleeping at around 1-2am, now I’m sleeping at 5-6am and eating at 4 am. Getting up is another thing. Certain mornings I wake up, but still staying in bed for a good hour before getting up for good. But also, there’s a chance that I will fall back to sleep again and there goes my lunch.

On afternoons, sometime there is nothing to do and the feeling of sleeping to pass the time is there again. All these sleeping is giving me weird dreams or rather interesting. Sometimes feels like I want to sleep forever but that’s unlikely to happen unless…. INCEPTION. lol.

By the way, another festive season is just round the corner. Lots of my friends came back to celebrate. Cool to see them back here. Haven’t been blogging much lately. Been sending emails, dealing with support work and sleeping. Nothing interesting. Mostly is sleeping, waking up, eating, going out and back to sleep.

Anyway, as always, thanks for reading. =)


Just got my part time job pay. Which means…. Nyahahaha…. *goes online*

Scary event

Yesterday during dinner, dad choked on food. His upper body turn purple. Went to him and hit his back to cough out the food. There was some blood in the food when he spit it out. Lucky he was ok. I drove him to the nearest hospital to do some check up just in case, as he is also an heart patient too so extra precautions had to be taken.

After meeting the doctor, she said it was normal to have some blood in the food that was chocked on. After that an ECG (electrocardiogram) just in case. Went home without any medication. So my dad is fine. But that was one scary shit. My sister freaked out and ran to the room crying after the food was out.

Anywho, thanks for reading.

Work at home

Got a part time job about a week ago. Workplace is at home. Earning some extra income is always an added plus. Moar money means more clothes to buy. Nishishishi…. Mainly handling support. I see myself more and more in front of the computer. Besides than playing games. Have tuned down my gaming time but I’m still a gamer and always be.

Talking about games, it’s 4 more days till Dragon’s Nest SEA Open beta is open. Been playing it since closed beta. Not a bad game, but I am still looking for my ideal mmo that I can stick with. The last mmo that I spent 2 years on and around USD 800 was Ragnarok Online when it first launched in my country. During that time I was still on a 52k dial up modern. Telephone bill shot up like crazy. In the end my dad subscribed to a broadband plan when broadband was still new that time. It was wonderful.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Food Festival Pictures Part 1

Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken while I was there. Awesome food around. As you can see, It’s very crowded and to get a table is very hard. Unless you come at 4-5pm while the tables and chairs are being set up. My friends and I manage to “hijack” a table after asking a family that was almost done with their food. Waited for like half an hour standing around, waiting for a free table. Anyway, the food festival is gonna last for 3 weeks. Will go again another time for some awesome food.

Thanks for reading =D

P.S: Sorry guys. I totally forget about the pictures which I’ve said that I’m gonna put up. Busy with other stuff till I forget.