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What’s in the package? Part 2

This should give you a better picture of what I have now. Lol. Haven’t bought my wig for her but soon… First, having her full costume then next comes her wig and lastly gonna make her musket out of PVC and stuff.

P.S: the cropped picture off my head is intentional.



What’s in the package? Part 1

One of the stuff that came in the mail. I’m surely you know who’s these boots belong to. =)

Looks like it’s end of September. Thing gotta be done. My Exams are postponed after my holidays which is now. Due to “system update” of the exam module, problem began to arise when my course mates and me sat for our exam. Which means more time for me for my work and other stuff at the meantime.

I blame the management. No proper pass down of task to new lectures and they are having a hard time preparing the exam system for us.

Besides that, gonna get my car fixed this coming Saturday. Ever since the “accident”, I’m beginning to be paranoid of dogs beside the road. You never know if they are gonna pass through the road. -___-

Anywho, more updates to my blogs and stuff coming up soon. Thanks for reading.  =D



Package arrived~~

Got something in the mail yesterday! 8D

As it is 4.40am now. I shall sleep.

Dog + car = Fuck

Oh hell! Just because I went to college today something bad happen.

As I went home driving, this damn dog cross the road. Slowly! I can’t see the dog cross because the car beside me blocked my vision and also going around a corner.

And then out from the left, as the road bent left(I was on the fast lane which it’s on the right), the dog came out. I can’t break instantly because the car behind me was quite close to me. I was going about 60km/h. I can’t avoid the dog as on the left of me it’s a car and the right of me is a road barrier. So yea, fuck it, I’m gonna hit the dog but abit slower.

So I hit the dog while breaking. The dog then runs away. Why didn’t you run cross the road when you could! The dog lives another day but my bumper ain’t. *sigh*

I’ll upload the aftermath later.

Edit: The aftermath.

Edit2: Asked a mechanic to see how much it’s gonna cost to repair it back. FML…

Busy month is busy

This month is getting busier by the days. Exams are just around the corner. With 2 subjects and all my assignments done. I don’t really know if I can pull it off. I hope I pass. Class lately have been boring. I go once a week rather than twice a week since there isn’t much things to do I class besides just doing tutorials. At least the lecturer email me the notes and tutorial questions. Finish them up and send them back.

Besides study, also with my part time job and video project. As the dead line draws closer, I’m beginning to slow down on things and so as time. Been sleeping more than usual lately. Maybe because I’m falling sick too. Flu, sore throat, and cough. Nothing serious but still annoying. I do drink water, but maybe not enough.

Oh, there is another event too that I’m also gonna help out. My previous university anime club. They are gonna held a Maid Cafe on campus. I’ll be one of the 2 photographers during the event. There will be 3 maids and a butler. I’ll be posting up pictures. Which reminds me, I forget to post some pictures of the maids and butler photoshoot. Maybe I’ll do that later on.

Haven’t been posting much lately, since nothing have really happen over the past week. Been sleeping alot and my internal clock is messed up. It’s now 6.19 a.m as I’m writing this post.

Anyway, gonna head to sleep and as always thanks for reading if there is people who still following my blog.

Cheap beer is cheap


The coffee shop in front of my house changed management again due to the two partners fighting on done issue.

But the change of management brought way to cheap beer. Around $1.50 USD for a big bottle. How awesome is that?

Hari raya yesterday


It was an awesome home cook food by his mum. Always look forward to his mum’s cooking every year.

Well it’s end of the weekend. Gonna head back to college back to my projects n assignments. Friends went back to the big city. It’s been fun hanging out with them after few months.