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Got them!


Finally I have them after waiting 2 days since the courier delay my shipment…



Well It’s my birthday again…. 22 this year and I really don’t feel any significant change. Lol. Feels like any other day. The only different is that people are wishing me Happy Birthday. It feels nice but other than that, I’m just my usual self.

Edit1: But I really do feel blessed with the friends that I made after I left high school. Seriously was a nomad when meeting friends. Had no best friend (not that I can recall of). So yea, a pretty dull high school life.

Coffee and time


Another day, damn early before class. Alot if time to kill. Sitting alone at a cafe having my café latte.

Yawning in the corner. The soundtrack they put on is an environmental theme with some piano playing. Slowly I stare outside to the passing cars. The bottles of syrups above me with lots of variety from strawberry, lavande to vanilla. Blurred glass caused by condensation slowly becoming small droplets of water.

Everything seems fast to me as I drift into a state of boredom n sleepy. Don’t meant to eavesdrop on people’s convo but couldn’t help it as I’m not concentrating on anything.

My coffee is half way done as I now thinking about next month plan. So much to do, so little time. Come to think of it, I just remembered that coffee doesn’t help me much. I just get sleepy. I remember the time I had my first espresso. Bitter as hell but as soon I sat in the car I fall asleep.

It’s 1:30 pm now. About half an hour before my class starts. Still bored. Class later is also going to be boring too. I guess I better get going to class first and take a short nap.

Thanks for reading. Another entry of boredom.

Stage time



Well it was time to perform. Our band was up first. Crowd was abit dead and little but who cares. I had fun performing my 1st stage performance. Didn’t win anything, didn’t plan to anyway.

Later that night went to drink with my buds. We thought of it and think we would be better as a performer rather than a competitor. Which means time to make original songs? Lol.

Think thats it. Thanks for reading. last semesters paper is yet to be taken. Gonna take it 1st thing in the morning.

Sound test


Finishing sound test for the performance tonight. 1st band up to perform DX

Music Achievement

This coming saturday, I’m gonna be taking part in a small competition with my band. It’s been a long time since I took part in any music competition. The last time was about 7 years ago when I was in my school marching band. After that there was none.

I still love music after that. During my High School years, I played as a trombonist. It was fun and when I joined during that time, the school was at it’s prime days for marching band. My seniors are all fantastic players. I nearly didn’t make it in the band when there were skimming through members.

When one of my seniors looked at me in the “rejected” members. He brought me up to the teacher in charge and said that I made it in the trombone section. So I got in.

Later that year we represented our state for the country. Though we made it 5th i think, I had fun. Some of my friends cried as we didn’t make it to the top 3.

Next week, I don’t plan to win or anything. I wanna have a great time with my friends playing on stage. Then now I could say I ever performed on stage before with a band. =) Another bragging rights.

Anyway, I’m gonna go for practice again. Practice makes perfect. =D Thanks for reading.

Battlefield 3 Pc Beta

Yes, the beta is out and it is time for war.

Been playing for quite a while now, Day 3 of the 11 days beta. The wonderful Frostbite2 engine is superb.  Tons of stuff to unlock and it will make player keep on playing, not for the sake of killing or winning but also to unlock medals, ribbons and stuff.

At first when I start playing. It starts slow as I don’t know the map around. So as high traffic area. After a few rounds, there are sweet spots and the road less taken. Taking advantage of the map, manage to score a rather good game with using Recon Kit (scout sniper).


This was the best game I had. Was sniping players one by one with my trusty SV98. I wish I recorded the whole match. Sadly hard disk was almost full so I can’t. MVP of the match. Hooah!

Anyway, gonna play more matches and I’ve pre-ordered my copy of Battlefield3.

And as always, Thanks for reading =)