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Mami Tomoe


Here are some pictures that my friends took during a photoshoot. After some waiting for my wig and costume to come. My friends ask me to do a photoshoot. These are some of the pictures. There are more to come after they finish processing them. I decided to show my face for now. So I hope some aren’t disappointed. >.<

Later that night, It was my friend’s birthday too. We went to a grill/steamboat restaurant to celebrate. It was slightly pricey that any normal restaurant but it was good and worth it.

Not using oil but water. This is a first for me and it is wonderful. Grilling them meats was juicy and tender. I’ll most definitely will come back for it.

Anyway, stay tuned for more pictures to be uploaded and always, thanks for reading.

Edit1: And I if you are wondering. Yes my beret is on the wrong side.



Ever since I got hold of Skyrim, time passes so fast in my room. Raid few dungeons, craft some stuff, discover new placee and etc. By the time I look at the time, It’s already 5am in the morning. Dang, it felt like I was playing for 2 hours.

Gameplay felt similar as Fallout 3/New Vegas. Graphics, environment, soundtrack, BGM and etc, is brilliant.

Playing as a ranged wood elf that is purely not using magic at all. Even not using healing magic. Relying on potions and sneaky critical 1st hit.

Anyway, today wouldn’t be jamming. Friends of mine having their exam next week. No problem in that. It makes more time for more Skyrim =D

Until next tim, thanks for reading.

Home live streaming

Woah. Been MIA for 2 weeks. Anyway, today is the end of AFA 2011. Currently I’m live streaming AFA from Nico Live video for the concerts and live booth. I saw some of my friends on the live cast. Hahaha.

I wish I could go but due to the lack of cash. It was tight and I already booked my air ticket to an anime convention end of this year. Maybe next year I’ll book a flight there. Awesome concerts by LiSa, May’n, angela, Kalafina and others.

Anyhow, been at home sleeping more and more often than usual. Something is wrong with me. Been quite lazy these days too. *Yawns*… There I’m yawning again! DX

End of year 2011 is near. Time passing quite fast. As usual, thanks for reading and following me. Appreciated it to see traffic to my blog to read lame my blog entries. lol.


Well, it’s November already. Halloween just passed. I just celebrate it at home alone, while playing battlefield 3 and fragging players. I got frag too by veteran Battlefield players too. lol. Not surprised there.

Things to do before December starts. Gotta finish my project, more stuff to buy, a gig coming up to play and also to save more money before my vacation on December.

Got a slight headache now as I just woke up from falling asleep on the table.
Anyway this is a short entry into the month of November and as the year is gonna end. As always thanks for reading.