Mami Tomoe


Here are some pictures that my friends took during a photoshoot. After some waiting for my wig and costume to come. My friends ask me to do a photoshoot. These are some of the pictures. There are more to come after they finish processing them. I decided to show my face for now. So I hope some aren’t disappointed. >.<

Later that night, It was my friend’s birthday too. We went to a grill/steamboat restaurant to celebrate. It was slightly pricey that any normal restaurant but it was good and worth it.

Not using oil but water. This is a first for me and it is wonderful. Grilling them meats was juicy and tender. I’ll most definitely will come back for it.

Anyway, stay tuned for more pictures to be uploaded and always, thanks for reading.

Edit1: And I if you are wondering. Yes my beret is on the wrong side.

  1. It just so happens that you’re still more attractive then the majority of females…

    • I guess it’s the power of makeup. Wonderful yet scary.

  2. Cuuuuuuuuute!

  3. You have to master the two hands at shoulder height skip/run. Signiture moves and becoming one with the character in question makes for an even better picture.

    • Yes Indeed. I’m been asked and plan for another photoshoot for a better scene.

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