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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my readers. =)


My experience at HC11

The day before the event itself Ms Fara is giving some briefing about the All Stars March. It was fairly a simple briefing but some others are lingering around and. Did some shopping along the way too.

Getting ready for the 1st day itself.

The day itself is packed, not as crowded as Comicfiesta but still packed. When I was taking this shot, I already passed the walkway. But anyway, the walkway from rectangular walkway, it became like an  hour glass. The crowd push the line to the middle to take pictures. That’s why in this picture you cant see the line. lol.

There was a performance by Aimi Terakawa. It was amazing. Tho the crowd was kinda dead, some friends and me cheered for her. I love her performance. (p.s: I know It’s not allow to upload pictures of her, but this was taken before I knew that pictures/video wasn’t allow)

Got an autograph from her too! =D

Some Warhammer match going on. I would love to get one someday but I need to play it with someone as I’m a D&D player and RPG lover. Didn’t take much of booths around as I was walking around looking at performances. Talking with friends and pictures of me been taken.

One of the reason I’m attending this event is to make some new friends. It’s always a plus to make new friends.

One of the singer that perform on stage. She’s so cute! Her performance was flawless. Singing japanese song and dancing at the same time.

Here is a photoshoot just behind the event. Nothing much but just to see how I look like with lighting and stuff. Thanks to him for bringing me around KK.

Overall I had a wonderful time at Hobbycon. Tho I didn’t take alot of pictures and if I did, it was on my camera phone. Met new friends, funny moments happen with my friends, truly wonderful and enjoyable event.

And as always, thanks for reading! =)


Upgraded my domain to I think it’s time for an upgrade after a year, since i’m keeping this blog up running. Nothing much now to update except them pictures of me crossplaying during Hobbycon. Stay tuned as I’m gathering them pictures to be uploaded.


Well, my vacation ended. I really had a blast. I really enjoy my time there. Good food, friends and hobbycon 2011. Thanks to the organizers who invited me. It really feels like my hometown as I don’t feel home sick or anything. Certain places look really like the places around my hometown.

I thank my fiends who brought me around and for the people and cosplayers I met. Nice to meet you.

As of now, I’m back home for my work and assignments. Yeap, back to life. As for my interest, I have 2 project in mind. Not going to announce it first but those who know, I would like you guys to keep to yourselves.

The rest of pictures of me will be uploaded soon if I can manage to get them photos that are taken during the event. I didn’t have time to take them myself.

But as always, Thanks for reading. =D It’s been a tiring day and I need to regenerate my energy. Been sleeping late and waking up early.

Vacation Teaser





Just a teaser of my vacation. Did took quite a few pictures but on  phone quality. I’m still on my vacation. Will be back on wednesday evening.


Hmm… This is the 1st time i’m traveling alone. Hope my trip will be good and awesome.

But anyway, still packing my stuff as my flight will be in 12hours. lol. And i’m here writing a blog post.

*packs some more* Got off tracked by something I need to pack. Meds. Allergic pils, panadols and others, in case i fall sick or what not.

*double check on clothes* OK… I think I almost got everything packed. I think…

I’ll be gone for a week. Which means no Battlefield 3 for me. 😦 Need to frag more players and do some epic stunts. Battlefield 3 has an 3.9Gb update which is HUGE! This is the first time that I saw an update this big. It’s still updating as of now.

But to all my readers, thanks again for reading this boring post. I’m still kinda active. Gonna post pictures during my trip. So stay tuned.



Bought myself a pair of earphones since my current ones are dead. So far so good, I’m loving the design and quality.

Didn’t post much these days, been on a boring week. Nothing much have been happening except my friend came back for a visit. My internet speed have been deteriorating. Can’t get any work done.

In a few days I’ll be off for a vacation to meet some friends and to attend a convention at my neighboring state. It’s the first time I got to travel alone by myself. It’ll be interesting.

But anyway, as always thanks for reading.