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Happy Chinese New Year


Happy Chinese New Year to all those who celebrates it. Going down with the flu right when it started. FML



As exams are over, time for some rest… NOT! Chinese New Year is just few days away. Much preparation is to be done. Also Been sleeping a lot after my exams. Sleeping hours increase by 5 hours. Body clock is now fucked up as usual though it went back to normal before my exams.

Been watching some new anime this season. As far as I’ve watch, I’m liking a few of them. Another, Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Ano Natsu de Matteru, High School DxD…. Not bad.

*Yawns* Probably going back to sleep.

Interwebs Boost

Just recently upgraded my line to a 4mbps one from a 1mbps. Now I can download an episode 5 times faster. Apparently my area has 6 more slots left for 4mbps line when I checked with my local broadband provider. Went and confirmed for an upgrade on the spot.

The day after, the technician came to the house and check. Boosted my line to a 5mpbs one because of overhead I guess. So i’m getting 4-5x times faster than usual. A major upgrade than before, for a slight change of broadband package.

Anyway, gonna sit for my paper this monday then it’s over for this semester. Aced my presentation, but somewhat my assignment was below average. Hope my final paper boost me up so that I wouldn’t fail.

Just realized that I spent quite alot of my money on food and I forget that I pre-ordered a figma. Was planning for a PC overhaul. Transitioning to a DDR3 motherboard so as more RAM. I guess after this Chinese New Year and January, I’ll be able to buy the parts that I looked for.


It’s been raining for the past few days. Areas around my town is flooded. My nose is running and even my cat is sneezing. lol. Now every morning my mum let my cat in my room and she sleeps with me under the blanket.

My college is just behind this building. Lucky I don’t have any classes on that day or I’ll be stuck in a Jam for hours. The way to my college has been blocked because the road was flooded and people cant get through.

Exams coming up soon and so as Chinese New Year. After those are done, I’m gonna upgrade my PC.

Anyway, I’m hungry and my body clock reset itself without me knowing it. And always thanks for reading.

Happy New Year

It’s 2010. Happy new year to my readers. Thanks for following me. It’s 3:10 am and just came back from a friends house. Now I shall continue playing battlefield 3.