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Strong beer is strong


Damn, this is strong. Cost only like $1.3 usd (rm4). 500ml & 8.5%alc


I’m in a live show?!


Well this is a first. Being on a live talk show ok national TV. One of the highlights in my life.

How it happened?
A friend of mine pulled me into making a traditional fusion music group. I was like ok and go ahead with it. Little do I know it was going into a tv live show.

Came up with a medley of modern songs within 4 days. Talk about last minute. But it went kinda well. Though there were awkward moments during the show. Can’t bring myself to watch it on a repeat broadcast later that night.


It was nerve wracking. If it was a recorded show I would be a bit relaxed. But it wasn’t. Full live talk show and interviewed on the spot.


Anyway, later that evening, my new case and cpu cooler came. Yay. Now to wait for my mobo n ram to arrive.

As always, thanks for reading.

Happy Valentine/Forever Alone Day

Happy Valentines Day. Yet another day alone. Just another day to sleep it over with. Remembering spending with some one few years back was kinda bittersweet feelings. Ha… ha… ha…

No worries, I just spent about a thousand bucks on myself getting my PC parts. Just hope it reaches me within this week. PC went hairwire on me last week and now I gotta rush the parts. Heading to spend time rehearsing for a TV morning live show. A friend of mine pulled me in to join in. Oh wells. It would be a new experience.

Anyway, Happy Valentines day to all my readers.

Busy week


Tired…. Been busy on chinese new year and the week after that. nearly going out all night haging out and jamming. Well not jamming every night.

Joined a new acg band. It’s been fun. Having a great time met some new musicians. They are awesome. Having a session tonight.

But for now I’m just staying in bed.