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Sick sick sick

*sigh* Got sick once again. Down with stomachache and diarrhea. Don’t know what I ate that made me diarrhea. Being in the toilet for the whole morning isn’t great.

Just when I recovered last two weeks ago, went to the doctor again to say hi.

Could it be the weather these days? I just don’t know. All I’m doing is staying home more often than usual.



Manage to get my CGPA 3.20 last sem from a 3.00. Hope I can maintain above 3.00. All these codes are giving me a headache.

Last night was staring at my PC for like 2 hours doing nothing. Head just drifted away. Didn’t felt like playing any games. Went to sleep at 6am and woke up to class feeling sleepy. There was a dream that made me rather satisfied and no, it wasn’t a wet dream or anything like that. It was like the feeling of satisfaction wining a competition of some sort. Forget most of it anyway.

Last week was a sick week for me. I just recovered from a fever, sore throat, cough and flu. Lost my voice in between. Can’t talk for 2-3 days. Someone mistaken me as another person when talking to me over the phone. lol.


Yeap. I do that alot now. Bored in front of my PC.

Anyway if you are reading this. Thanks for following this boring post.

St Patrick’s day


The more reason to drink. Went dinner with some of my friends. And it was St Patrick’s day.


Awesome food is awesome.






At the end of it. I blew a hundred bucks on one nights dinner. Not gonna do this again.