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Anime Exchange Gathering


Exchange of animes with friends around my town who aren’t really following the latest or “hot” animes. Around 10 of us showed up. A few of us are kinda like “seeders”. Piracy Freeleach in action at it’s best. Hang out at my usual cafe where do have my favorite drink, Tiramisu Latte of course.

Night ended well. Met new friends tho some are friends of friends. lol.


So much anime


This season has more than 50 animes and taiga wants to watch some too.
it’s a long time since I watched an anime about music, mainly Sakamichi no Apollon. Awesome jazz.

Tailor in Training

What happen lately? Mum bought a sewing machine and the hell I don’t know what I’m doing. I nearly screw up with the fabrics that I bought but thank god I found an alternative to save them.

Recently my mum decide to continue making some quilt. Some of you might seen it on my blog somewhere on my bed. Yea, my mum made it  for me (and yes Hand sewed!). She has made 2 more for my sisters. Honestly, It’s a good time killer. Even my dad’s in it helping sewing the small patterns. lol.

My younger sister is also learning to use the sewing machine. Though she is taking small steps and making minor stuff like small pouches, I jump straight into making a pleated skirt. lol. Rough start but I learn alot from making mistakes.

But anyway, this is the first post for April and thanks for reading my post to those who are following me.