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Finally Got Mine (Figma)


Although it’s abit late, I got my Mami Tomoe figma. Made a makeshift mini miniature studio just for some snap shots. lol. Quality ain’t as good but at least I gotta play with it and get some shots.

Anyway, annual anime convention is about a week away. Band practice and prop making is still in process. Performing on stage while being my other self.


Happy Birthday mom

Well, The 23th was my mom’s Birthday. Just giving a shotout.

p.s: my mom know of my hobbies and just kept quiet about it. Though she brought it up to me recently. lol.

Diablo III

Today is the release day for Diablo 3. Gonna get my copy of it soon and I’m here revising for my exam later today.


I guess that can describe my relationships. Lots of things happen these week. Did I do the right thing? Do I give in for pity? I don’t wanna hurt anyone. Here I am drinking just to drown it down a little as I write this short entry and listen to Jazz.