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Sigh… This days is going on pretty slow. Here I am and it’s 2:36am staring at the screen and writing a blog entry while listening to Jazz from Noriyuki Iwadare’s album “Turnabout Jazz Soul” from Ace Attorney. I would go to sleep but there’s too much things going on my head. Sometimes I would stare into blank space.

Table is full of stuff. Went to Mcdonald and bought some food back. Lazy to clean them out now. Maybe when I’ll take some water then I’ll clean them out. Warm… warm room… Just only my fan giving much air around but still feel abit chilled. I guess that’s what I get for not putting some fat on or rather I can’t. Hot tea, hot coffee or water only keeps me warm. Very much soothing from the inside.

*headdesk*… … … …

I wonder how is it gonna be in a slumber or suspended animation in a cryo chamber and waking up 10 to 20 years later. It may feel like it was waking up the next morning but only it’s 10 to 20 years later. The change of the world and people around you. The events you missed. It would be interesting to experience but then again it would be to much of a shock.

My mind is wondering around. I don’t know what to think properly now. I’m just watching youtube videos of Lets play like Chrono Trigger. I remember playing it but I didn’t finish the game. Sometimes slow video commentary or music playing in the background helps me to sleep.

*sigh…. …* 2:53am

Been attached to jazz for awhile now. Tho the major influential was watching Sakamichi no Apollon but I’d like jazz before I watched this anime. Some jazz is abit up beat but I like those are slow. It makes me sway to the beat. Just closing my eyes and listening to it would drift my mind to somewhere else.

I guess I get back to watching lets play videos. That’s my entry for the chronicles of boredom. Letting my mind drift away and my fingers doing the typing for it.

Thank again for those who are following my blog. Till next time.


Kyanime 2012

Some of the pictures that my friend taken. Was not in the mood to shoot any pictures as I was performing and the day itself. First time performing for an ACG event in my city.

There had some theft problems. Reports says that someone lost an album of vanguard cards worth USD $350+-, stuff on display on the booths and such. There was an odd looking guy that went back and forth into the backstage. I was preoccupied with my own stuff till i forget about him. Highly suspected that he was the culprit.

Other than that, I enjoyed myself. Friends from another state came down and we had fun.

Irisviel Von Einzbern

One of the pictures I manage to take from my friend. New debut on Kyanime 2012. The rest of the pictures will be up soon.

E3 2012 Live Stream

Watching it now. Not much from Microsoft.