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Busy busy busy… I think…

Been pretty busy lately. About a semester and a half more to go through till I finish my studies. Final semester project and upcoming exam not to mention work but that not the major one. Come to think of it, it’s been almost a year since I started working with this VPN company. It feels like only 6 months. As so they say, time flies very fast when you are not counting eh? or something like that.

Lately been downloading Jdrams and watching them alot. I have 3-4 more series that are downloading in the background on my other internet line dedicated for torrent. You can say my cheapo netbook is a temporary torrentbox. As now, I’m watching きみはペット Kimi Wa Petto (You’re My Pet). Majority that I’m interested now is Gourmet JDramas. Watched Bambino, Ando Natsu, My little Chef, Bartender… I love food and maybe that’s one of my main reason to search gourmet jdramas.

Anyway, It’s been a long time since my last post. Until next time, thanks for reading.

Just posting this OP for fun.


Old PS2 Games on PC

It’s been awhile. Recently just installed PCSX2 and played some PS2 games that I did not have. Don’t know why but I’m craving for some RPG games. Missed out alot during the PS2 era. The only console that I had was the Sega Genesis. Was a big fan of sonic before the 3d version came out. Was confused of the 3d world that could move you in the Z axis. My aunt gave me her son’s PS1 because they had the new PS2 during that time. Played Final Fantasy 7,8 and 9. Also didn’t finish it but was near to the end. Next that I bought my PS3 like 2 years ago? Then I sold it off because I needed the cash and was losing interest of the games.

Been watching alot of lets play lately. I had played Crono Trigger, but didn’t finish it. Watched the entire Lets play on youtube. Currently I’m watching Star Ocean 2: The second story. I too had played for quite a while but didn’t finish. I thought of watching lets play videos of Star Ocean 3 Till the end of time. But then i remembered that my friend gave me the PS2 emulator. So I downloaded Till the end of times International version that had Japanese Dub but english subs. I just don’t like english dub on a japanese game. Don’t know it’s just me or something.