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Guild Wars 2

Hello Guild Wars 2. Pre ordered my copy of guild wars 2 few days ago. Sadly I wouldn’t be taking part on the 3 days head start as my copy is not a digital copy.

Still not sure what class or race I would be playing but I know I will be playing a dps character as I always will. Quite hyped about the second installment to the Guild Wars series though I only played the first one for a few days. Heard alot about the first Guild Wars that you are able to mix and match skills and cross class.

For now I’m just keeping my mind of it as I need to finish my assignments and my exams are just next week. Assignments are nearly done and revision are under way.

Anyway, like always thanks for following me.


Screwed again

My body clock is again screwed. It’s 5.48am according to my PC. Watching Campione and writing this entry. How long my body will last, I don’t know.

Hungry, abit tired (because of boredom), backache and gas in my stomach.

*burbs* Excuse my rudeness.

Recently, been finding for some books. Gamebooks to be precise. Those page flipping adventure/rpg/fantasy game books. Tried finding some on the net but nearly all of them are out of print.  The only ones that I could find and seems interesting are digitized sold on e-books and on android. Sadly my current phone is not powerful enough to support them. That’s where I’m looking at Kindles for e-books, but I would not buy them just for the sake of a few e-books.


Well I think this is time I would start to sleep and wake up in the afternoon. Until next time, thanks for reading!


DJ Max Trilogy

It’s been a long time since I played DJ Max. The last time I played it was on my PSP which I sold it about 2 years ago. Got my hands on the PC version one after awhile.

Awesome music. I’m not a fan of Korean pop culture but in general I’m a fan of trance and house music.

I’ve pre ordered my copy of Guild Wars 2 and good bye real life. Not going to get the earlier 3 days as mine is a hard copy version.

Just a minor update what’s to come. I’m having my exams and finishing up my assignment and then Guild Wars 2 here I come.


Fiber Optic Drilling


Fiber optic cables are being installed near my place. Which means we’ll have optic fiber connection by end of this year.


Need them upload speed. For a rm149(50usd) 5mbps package it’s abit reasonable, which includes iptv and voip. Good thing that my area us getting it first in my city. Yes, we are far behind in internet infrastructure.

Luckily I have a friend who does contracting/agent in installing optic fiber connection to residential houses. Time will tell.