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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it.

The only thing I’m excited is Black friday sales. So many stuff on sale that I can’t get because it’s not practice in Malaysia. Oh well.



7Days Hikikomori

Have not come out from my house (except for buying food) about 7 days. Mostly because I’m broke. And it’s only half way the month!

I forgotten about my yearly domain subscription. Not to mention the Tab.


It’s 2:43am and raining outside, just writing this post out of boredom. Playing games, watching jdrams and of course listening to AKB48/SKE48 songs. Nothing like listening to them to bring up the mood.

Well, I did had the chance to go out but it was a wedding dinner and family dinner. Didn’t choose to go. I feel that my  presence wasn’t needed. All I can think of is sit there and eat. I’m getting more personal stuff done at home.


Thinking of keeping my hair a bit long again. But surly mum would nag about it.

My body clock is now in the night mode once more. Sleeping at 5am and waking up at 2pm-ish. With nothing much to do. I sleep a lot and hope to drift away in a dream. A good dream would be nice. A good story, a bit random but nice.

Anyway, feel like taking a hot bath. Thanks for reading my boredom post this late night if you are in the same time zone as me.

I <3 Anisong Day 3 2012 Live Stream

Thus it’s the end of AFA2012. Live Stream Day 3. It was amazing, Watched it with my sister.

Line up was Sea☆A, Kuribayashi Minami and May’n.

Here are some screenshot of them.

All in all it was awesome. I wish I could be there live. Well, maybe next year since I’ll be working and there are several plans that I have setup. Hope it all goes well.

Anyway, thanks for reading and following me.

I <3 Anisong Day 2 2012 Live Stream

Day 2 concert has just ended. Missed the first one Babymetal but enjoyed the rest.



LiSA still looking great as usual ❤

I thought she was gonna cry while singing like last year. Seems she is more cheerful this year =D

Last one was FLOW.

Earlier was kicked out of the streaming because there were more Premium members watching. Got annoyed by it and bought a Premium pass. Paid way less than going to the concert itself. Though the experience is ofcourse different, might as well pay something to watch it live stream.

Anyway, I’m gonna watch the last one tomorrow featuring May’n, Minami kuribayashi, Sea*A and Sphere.



New Toy


Got myself a new toy. Samsung tab 2 10.1. Now I can do my work much easier and read on the go not to mention watch videos too.


It’s now officially November. Nothing much happen on Halloween for me. Just me, myself and I at home listening to AKB48 songs, playing World of Tanks and Dwarf Fortress.

Halloween theme garage

I’ve started to relearn my hiragana and having a hard time doing it. My weakness is memorizing stuff but still it’s something that I want to do. I hope I will keep on going till a new batch of Japanese class is reopen for registration. Main reason is to get to learn/earn another foreign language  Kinda funny that my chinese and other dialects are half ass. Also got a bit tired of waiting subtitles of some Japanese TV shows.

It has been raining a lot at my place. In addition, Hurricane Sandy is on a rampage too. God bless them.

AKB48’s new PV is Awesome!  Gothic looking. It has been about 7 years since AKB48 formed? Such as long way they have journeyed. My respect for them for being successful at an average age of 20+- or younger.

Anyway, that’s an update for the start of November. Thanks for reading and following me to those who are reading this.