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Meri Kurisumasu

Merry Christmas!


End of world?

Seems that it’s just tomorrow. Whatever happen, I’ll be sitting in front of my PC, gaming and lurking around the interwebs.

Christmas is also around the corner. 2 more years then I’ll be a “Christmas Cake”. Had no plans yet for Christmas. The usual “Family gathering” where uncles, aunts and cousins from across the country come together is slowly fading away.

Oh well, short post of recent days. Nothing much happening except just gaming here and there.

Thanks for those who are still following me even though there is nothing much.

December starts


Starting where I left off 2 years ago. Taking back up N5 lessons again. One thing I’m not good at is memorizing. I need a constant practice then i could read better. Listening is one thing, I want to read and write. It’s gonna be a long journey for me to learn something from scratch.

Just last week JLPT was going on. Some of my friends went and took it. Hope every thing went smoothly for them. I’ll be taking it next year then.

Funny thing that I’m chinese that can’t really understand chinese and taking up japanese. Haha.

Oh well. 2012 is coming to an end. This year is not so a great year for me. Hopefully next year would be better.