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AKB48 Best 100 Set List Live

Yay! Live! *fandom increasing*


2013 Gaming Gears

After 3-4 Logitech’s V120 Laser laptop mouse for over the span on 3 years, it’s time to properly get a gaming mouse.


Starting off with the Roccat Pyra Wired Pro Optical Gaming mouse. Having using the Logitech V120 Laptop mouse because of it’s small size factor. I began to search a small gaming mouse that is less than 10cm long, 6cm wide and 5cm tall. I’ve looked for almost every brand which includes Razer, Steelseries, Corsair, Microsoft series, Logitech etc. Then I came about Roccat which I don’t see every day. Took a look at their product and I’ve found this one which has the smallest size. Extra macro that I could set with the EasyShift+, this was perfect. Fits my hand well from a transition of the V120 to the Roccat Pyra. The only thing that it was using a “Pro Optical” blue sensor rather than a laser sensor. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and bought it.


After buying the mice. I tried it, and it was great. The only thing however was my table was white and it couldn’t run as smoothly as a laser mouse on any surface. So the next thing i bought was a gaming mouse pad. As well go full out right? Knowing my space allocated for my mouse was small. I was on a quest to find a small and thin mouse pad. I first choice was a Steelseries QcK mini 3mm mouse pad but it was sold out here and there. So my second choice was the Razer Kabuto. It was small enough and thin enough. It was perfect and soon the mice went well with it. Smooth running and the resistance between the mouse pad and the mice was decent.

So there you have it. My 1st gaming peripherals for the year.

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New Year 2013


Happy new year!

*Achievement Unlocked*

-End of the World Apocalypse Achieved-

Now we can tell our children that we survive the end of the world and we are on another planet. Haha.

Hope we have a good year ahead.