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As per title, there will be a new Japanese teacher that might be taking over my class. Takeuchi sensei (my current japanese teacher) is going back to Japan soon. Sad, was having fun learning from him all these 3 months. Hope the new sensei would be as fun as him 😀

Life is going on just normal. Nothing much recently. Every weekends now me and my high school friends are meeting up to play some boardgames. After several years not meeting each other, boardgames brought us back together. It all started on Chinese New Year. Some of my friends working at the capital came back and he brought some boardgames back. From there the poison start spreading. Haha. I was longed to buy some boardgames of my own but the thing is that I do not have anyone to play with. Well, I guess this changes things now. Just ordered myself one. Things are going to get interesting soon.


Few days ago, I got some badges from a Fansub group. I’ve been donating to them for the great work of translating AKB stuff. Slowly I could understand some words and sentences without referring to the subs but still a long way to go.

Check them out at

Until next time. Thanks for following.

p.s: pardon for the broken japanese.




さぁ~ これは初めての日本語最小のブログをポスト。


えと。最近、少しで日本のパーティクルがわかります. でも、まだ難しいです。カンジがまだ読みませんですが少しにカンジでわかります。



Pardon my mistakes. Still learning those particles and more japanese words.

But anyway, Today is my dad’s birthday. Me and my mum is gonna treat my dad for dinner at a restaurant.

Dad, Happy Birthday! 誕生日おめでとう!