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Finally Fiber Optic

Finally I have a fiber optic line. Now I can upload stuff faster and stream from my PC.

Dad transferred the bill to my name, means I don’t need to bug him about upgrading to a faster package.

For now I’m on a 5mpbs package up/down from my 4mpbs down and 512kbps up. Horrible upload speed. Took ages to upload my videos to youtube. Now it’s 10 times faster and I can keep my video quality up instead of scaling them down which looks like crap.





Oh hai!

久しぶりね。僕のブログは忘れてた。www すみません。最近、たくさんものがあります。例えば、仕事と勉強です。


きのう、ボードゲームがもらいます。「Lord Of Waterdeep」48441sf