Basically this blog i post up games and crossplay related stuff. Enjoy!

Why cross dress you may ask? Well… It’s for fun and i’m kinda envy of girls having more clothes to wear. And there are so many lovely dresses i would like to try out. ^o^

I don’t go out in public wearing girls clothes. I just do it privately in my room and only my close friends knows about this. My friends do tell me that i have somewhat a feminine body. Maybe because I’m thin.

I may not be one of the outstanding cross dressers out there, believe me, there are more girlish look alike, i try to make what is best out of me for cross dressing. Still improving as i go on.. so please enjoy my cross dressing blog ^^/

I’ve recently have the courage to go out and crossplay/ crossdress in public at anime/cosplay gatherings . The community in my city kinda does accept this culture of men dressing up as girls. It’s been a long time since we live with these people (since school). We don’t offend them, they don’t disturb us. We live in harmony. That’s why i love my city so much.

I am also a casual-hardcore gamer. I hate losing. I strive to get better at the game. Especially FPS games. Been trying various types of MMO and still finding a mmo that could last me for a year or two.

Update : I have slowed down on my cross dress. I’m tied up with my studies and other life related issue. I do want to come back to my cross dress hobby but not now.

Recently became fond of AKB48 and SKE48. I feel fluffy inside when hearing their songs.

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