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Dog + car = Fuck

Oh hell! Just because I went to college today something bad happen.

As I went home driving, this damn dog cross the road. Slowly! I can’t see the dog cross because the car beside me blocked my vision and also going around a corner.

And then out from the left, as the road bent left(I was on the fast lane which it’s on the right), the dog came out. I can’t break instantly because the car behind me was quite close to me. I was going about 60km/h. I can’t avoid the dog as on the left of me it’s a car and the right of me is a road barrier. So yea, fuck it, I’m gonna hit the dog but abit slower.

So I hit the dog while breaking. The dog then runs away. Why didn’t you run cross the road when you could! The dog lives another day but my bumper ain’t. *sigh*

I’ll upload the aftermath later.

Edit: The aftermath.

Edit2: Asked a mechanic to see how much it’s gonna cost to repair it back. FML…


Scary event

Yesterday during dinner, dad choked on food. His upper body turn purple. Went to him and hit his back to cough out the food. There was some blood in the food when he spit it out. Lucky he was ok. I drove him to the nearest hospital to do some check up just in case, as he is also an heart patient too so extra precautions had to be taken.

After meeting the doctor, she said it was normal to have some blood in the food that was chocked on. After that an ECG (electrocardiogram) just in case. Went home without any medication. So my dad is fine. But that was one scary shit. My sister freaked out and ran to the room crying after the food was out.

Anywho, thanks for reading.