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I <3 Anisong Day 3 2012 Live Stream

Thus it’s the end of AFA2012. Live Stream Day 3. It was amazing, Watched it with my sister.

Line up was Sea☆A, Kuribayashi Minami and May’n.

Here are some screenshot of them.

All in all it was awesome. I wish I could be there live. Well, maybe next year since I’ll be working and there are several plans that I have setup. Hope it all goes well.

Anyway, thanks for reading and following me.


I <3 Anisong Day 2 2012 Live Stream

Day 2 concert has just ended. Missed the first one Babymetal but enjoyed the rest.



LiSA still looking great as usual ❤

I thought she was gonna cry while singing like last year. Seems she is more cheerful this year =D

Last one was FLOW.

Earlier was kicked out of the streaming because there were more Premium members watching. Got annoyed by it and bought a Premium pass. Paid way less than going to the concert itself. Though the experience is ofcourse different, might as well pay something to watch it live stream.

Anyway, I’m gonna watch the last one tomorrow featuring May’n, Minami kuribayashi, Sea*A and Sphere.



Kyanime 2012

Some of the pictures that my friend taken. Was not in the mood to shoot any pictures as I was performing and the day itself. First time performing for an ACG event in my city.

There had some theft problems. Reports says that someone lost an album of vanguard cards worth USD $350+-, stuff on display on the booths and such. There was an odd looking guy that went back and forth into the backstage. I was preoccupied with my own stuff till i forget about him. Highly suspected that he was the culprit.

Other than that, I enjoyed myself. Friends from another state came down and we had fun.

Irisviel Von Einzbern

One of the pictures I manage to take from my friend. New debut on Kyanime 2012. The rest of the pictures will be up soon.

My experience at HC11

The day before the event itself Ms Fara is giving some briefing about the All Stars March. It was fairly a simple briefing but some others are lingering around and. Did some shopping along the way too.

Getting ready for the 1st day itself.

The day itself is packed, not as crowded as Comicfiesta but still packed. When I was taking this shot, I already passed the walkway. But anyway, the walkway from rectangular walkway, it became like an  hour glass. The crowd push the line to the middle to take pictures. That’s why in this picture you cant see the line. lol.

There was a performance by Aimi Terakawa. It was amazing. Tho the crowd was kinda dead, some friends and me cheered for her. I love her performance. (p.s: I know It’s not allow to upload pictures of her, but this was taken before I knew that pictures/video wasn’t allow)

Got an autograph from her too! =D

Some Warhammer match going on. I would love to get one someday but I need to play it with someone as I’m a D&D player and RPG lover. Didn’t take much of booths around as I was walking around looking at performances. Talking with friends and pictures of me been taken.

One of the reason I’m attending this event is to make some new friends. It’s always a plus to make new friends.

One of the singer that perform on stage. She’s so cute! Her performance was flawless. Singing japanese song and dancing at the same time.

Here is a photoshoot just behind the event. Nothing much but just to see how I look like with lighting and stuff. Thanks to him for bringing me around KK.

Overall I had a wonderful time at Hobbycon. Tho I didn’t take alot of pictures and if I did, it was on my camera phone. Met new friends, funny moments happen with my friends, truly wonderful and enjoyable event.

And as always, thanks for reading! =)

Vacation Teaser





Just a teaser of my vacation. Did took quite a few pictures but on  phone quality. I’m still on my vacation. Will be back on wednesday evening.

Home live streaming

Woah. Been MIA for 2 weeks. Anyway, today is the end of AFA 2011. Currently I’m live streaming AFA from Nico Live video for the concerts and live booth. I saw some of my friends on the live cast. Hahaha.

I wish I could go but due to the lack of cash. It was tight and I already booked my air ticket to an anime convention end of this year. Maybe next year I’ll book a flight there. Awesome concerts by LiSa, May’n, angela, Kalafina and others.

Anyhow, been at home sleeping more and more often than usual. Something is wrong with me. Been quite lazy these days too. *Yawns*… There I’m yawning again! DX

End of year 2011 is near. Time passing quite fast. As usual, thanks for reading and following me. Appreciated it to see traffic to my blog to read lame my blog entries. lol.