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I <3 Anisong Day 2 2012 Live Stream

Day 2 concert has just ended. Missed the first one Babymetal but enjoyed the rest.



LiSA still looking great as usual ❤

I thought she was gonna cry while singing like last year. Seems she is more cheerful this year =D

Last one was FLOW.

Earlier was kicked out of the streaming because there were more Premium members watching. Got annoyed by it and bought a Premium pass. Paid way less than going to the concert itself. Though the experience is ofcourse different, might as well pay something to watch it live stream.

Anyway, I’m gonna watch the last one tomorrow featuring May’n, Minami kuribayashi, Sea*A and Sphere.




Anime Exchange Gathering


Exchange of animes with friends around my town who aren’t really following the latest or “hot” animes. Around 10 of us showed up. A few of us are kinda like “seeders”. Piracy Freeleach in action at it’s best. Hang out at my usual cafe where do have my favorite drink, Tiramisu Latte of course.

Night ended well. Met new friends tho some are friends of friends. lol.

So much anime


This season has more than 50 animes and taiga wants to watch some too.
it’s a long time since I watched an anime about music, mainly Sakamichi no Apollon. Awesome jazz.

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Just a small update on what i’m watching. I know shuffle! is quite an old anime, but I have not watch it and nothing to watch in between as I wait for the next episode of this season’s anime to release.