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I’ve entered Hydaelyn


So yes, I’ve ventured into Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn.

Played the one before they remade the whole thing, It was iffy.

Played about 5 hours into A realm reborn and it was not bad.

I’ll be on the JP server: Tonberry

I need to Chop more wood!



Oh hai!

久しぶりね。僕のブログは忘れてた。www すみません。最近、たくさんものがあります。例えば、仕事と勉強です。


きのう、ボードゲームがもらいます。「Lord Of Waterdeep」48441sf




2013 Gaming Gears

After 3-4 Logitech’s V120 Laser laptop mouse for over the span on 3 years, it’s time to properly get a gaming mouse.


Starting off with the Roccat Pyra Wired Pro Optical Gaming mouse. Having using the Logitech V120 Laptop mouse because of it’s small size factor. I began to search a small gaming mouse that is less than 10cm long, 6cm wide and 5cm tall. I’ve looked for almost every brand which includes Razer, Steelseries, Corsair, Microsoft series, Logitech etc. Then I came about Roccat which I don’t see every day. Took a look at their product and I’ve found this one which has the smallest size. Extra macro that I could set with the EasyShift+, this was perfect. Fits my hand well from a transition of the V120 to the Roccat Pyra. The only thing that it was using a “Pro Optical” blue sensor rather than a laser sensor. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and bought it.


After buying the mice. I tried it, and it was great. The only thing however was my table was white and it couldn’t run as smoothly as a laser mouse on any surface. So the next thing i bought was a gaming mouse pad. As well go full out right? Knowing my space allocated for my mouse was small. I was on a quest to find a small and thin mouse pad. I first choice was a Steelseries QcK mini 3mm mouse pad but it was sold out here and there. So my second choice was the Razer Kabuto. It was small enough and thin enough. It was perfect and soon the mice went well with it. Smooth running and the resistance between the mouse pad and the mice was decent.

So there you have it. My 1st gaming peripherals for the year.

Until the next entry, Thanks for following me.



It’s now officially November. Nothing much happen on Halloween for me. Just me, myself and I at home listening to AKB48 songs, playing World of Tanks and Dwarf Fortress.

Halloween theme garage

I’ve started to relearn my hiragana and having a hard time doing it. My weakness is memorizing stuff but still it’s something that I want to do. I hope I will keep on going till a new batch of Japanese class is reopen for registration. Main reason is to get to learn/earn another foreign language  Kinda funny that my chinese and other dialects are half ass. Also got a bit tired of waiting subtitles of some Japanese TV shows.

It has been raining a lot at my place. In addition, Hurricane Sandy is on a rampage too. God bless them.

AKB48’s new PV is Awesome!  Gothic looking. It has been about 7 years since AKB48 formed? Such as long way they have journeyed. My respect for them for being successful at an average age of 20+- or younger.

Anyway, that’s an update for the start of November. Thanks for reading and following me to those who are reading this.

Guild Wars 2

Hello Guild Wars 2. Pre ordered my copy of guild wars 2 few days ago. Sadly I wouldn’t be taking part on the 3 days head start as my copy is not a digital copy.

Still not sure what class or race I would be playing but I know I will be playing a dps character as I always will. Quite hyped about the second installment to the Guild Wars series though I only played the first one for a few days. Heard alot about the first Guild Wars that you are able to mix and match skills and cross class.

For now I’m just keeping my mind of it as I need to finish my assignments and my exams are just next week. Assignments are nearly done and revision are under way.

Anyway, like always thanks for following me.

DJ Max Trilogy

It’s been a long time since I played DJ Max. The last time I played it was on my PSP which I sold it about 2 years ago. Got my hands on the PC version one after awhile.

Awesome music. I’m not a fan of Korean pop culture but in general I’m a fan of trance and house music.

I’ve pre ordered my copy of Guild Wars 2 and good bye real life. Not going to get the earlier 3 days as mine is a hard copy version.

Just a minor update what’s to come. I’m having my exams and finishing up my assignment and then Guild Wars 2 here I come.


Old PS2 Games on PC

It’s been awhile. Recently just installed PCSX2 and played some PS2 games that I did not have. Don’t know why but I’m craving for some RPG games. Missed out alot during the PS2 era. The only console that I had was the Sega Genesis. Was a big fan of sonic before the 3d version came out. Was confused of the 3d world that could move you in the Z axis. My aunt gave me her son’s PS1 because they had the new PS2 during that time. Played Final Fantasy 7,8 and 9. Also didn’t finish it but was near to the end. Next that I bought my PS3 like 2 years ago? Then I sold it off because I needed the cash and was losing interest of the games.

Been watching alot of lets play lately. I had played Crono Trigger, but didn’t finish it. Watched the entire Lets play on youtube. Currently I’m watching Star Ocean 2: The second story. I too had played for quite a while but didn’t finish. I thought of watching lets play videos of Star Ocean 3 Till the end of time. But then i remembered that my friend gave me the PS2 emulator. So I downloaded Till the end of times International version that had Japanese Dub but english subs. I just don’t like english dub on a japanese game. Don’t know it’s just me or something.