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February Loot!

8e54rfwNew LCD 😀

I know i’ve not been posting up blog entries, been recently busy and nothing interesting to post too. Day in and day out doing the rotation of Eat, work, game, sleep. Mostly work.

But I’m still alive.


Year of the Snake and 24th

A day has pass after my 24th birthday.

It’s has been a kinda good year for me so far.

Celebrated with good friends, drinks and music the night before.

Looks like there is nearly to none updates.

Been busy with work till by the time I could post up something, I got lazy and tired. Or had other stuff to do.


Unofficially Graduated

Sat my last paper of my course.

Now I have nothing to do except lots of time.

Anyway, I have debut as a timer in AIDOL 😀

My release

This episode is SKE48 no Sekai Seifuku Joshi Season 2 ep11

This beautifully made episode of SKE48 no Sekai Seifuku Joshi will explain the story how so many SKE members were able to dominate in this sousenkyo

Cried so much timing this episode.

SKE Saikyo!



As per title, there will be a new Japanese teacher that might be taking over my class. Takeuchi sensei (my current japanese teacher) is going back to Japan soon. Sad, was having fun learning from him all these 3 months. Hope the new sensei would be as fun as him 😀

Life is going on just normal. Nothing much recently. Every weekends now me and my high school friends are meeting up to play some boardgames. After several years not meeting each other, boardgames brought us back together. It all started on Chinese New Year. Some of my friends working at the capital came back and he brought some boardgames back. From there the poison start spreading. Haha. I was longed to buy some boardgames of my own but the thing is that I do not have anyone to play with. Well, I guess this changes things now. Just ordered myself one. Things are going to get interesting soon.


Few days ago, I got some badges from a Fansub group. I’ve been donating to them for the great work of translating AKB stuff. Slowly I could understand some words and sentences without referring to the subs but still a long way to go.

Check them out at

Until next time. Thanks for following.

p.s: pardon for the broken japanese.



さぁ~ これは初めての日本語最小のブログをポスト。


えと。最近、少しで日本のパーティクルがわかります. でも、まだ難しいです。カンジがまだ読みませんですが少しにカンジでわかります。



Pardon my mistakes. Still learning those particles and more japanese words.

But anyway, Today is my dad’s birthday. Me and my mum is gonna treat my dad for dinner at a restaurant.

Dad, Happy Birthday! 誕生日おめでとう!


February Ends

February has ended. March begins. Nothing much besides some good news from my college that I’m nearly done with. By the end of the semester, we (my class batch) will be sent for training at my state Power Company or the state Information System company. This means my job will most probably be secured after I have finished my last semester.

Besides that, I’m on my 3rd months learning Japanese language. It’s been very interesting so far. Every week I learn new stuff and my humorous friend always brighten up the class. Even my sensei looks forward for my class because of him. Haha.


Still have some particles/grammar that needs to be brushed up. Every new particles that comes up every new chapter is a challenge. I hope I can absorb as much as possible. An hour and a half isn’t that much. I was having fun learning that time passes so fast.

Anyway, this is what have been doing recently. I might be writing more japanease in my later post as I learn more and more. And also to practice. I hope my errors will become lesser.





Happy Chinese New Year.


Been busy lately. Had no time to update my blog. It’s the year of the water snake, my year as I was born in the year of the snake 24 years ago. Time sure past fast. The next generation of cousins are popping up.

New year’s eve dinner was good. Relatives came back to celebrate. This time was at my house (My family rotates houses each year for whose house to celebrate on)

As a family tradition, we gambled like always. Laughter fills the house. I made about 5 bucks profit. Didn’t gamble much as I know my luck in gambling is not great. Won once then I stopped.

Happy Chinese New year to you to those who are following me.