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Kyanime 2012

Some of the pictures that my friend taken. Was not in the mood to shoot any pictures as I was performing and the day itself. First time performing for an ACG event in my city.

There had some theft problems. Reports says that someone lost an album of vanguard cards worth USD $350+-, stuff on display on the booths and such. There was an odd looking guy that went back and forth into the backstage. I was preoccupied with my own stuff till i forget about him. Highly suspected that he was the culprit.

Other than that, I enjoyed myself. Friends from another state came down and we had fun.


Irisviel Von Einzbern

One of the pictures I manage to take from my friend. New debut on Kyanime 2012. The rest of the pictures will be up soon.

My experience at HC11

The day before the event itself Ms Fara is giving some briefing about the All Stars March. It was fairly a simple briefing but some others are lingering around and. Did some shopping along the way too.

Getting ready for the 1st day itself.

The day itself is packed, not as crowded as Comicfiesta but still packed. When I was taking this shot, I already passed the walkway. But anyway, the walkway from rectangular walkway, it became like an  hour glass. The crowd push the line to the middle to take pictures. That’s why in this picture you cant see the line. lol.

There was a performance by Aimi Terakawa. It was amazing. Tho the crowd was kinda dead, some friends and me cheered for her. I love her performance. (p.s: I know It’s not allow to upload pictures of her, but this was taken before I knew that pictures/video wasn’t allow)

Got an autograph from her too! =D

Some Warhammer match going on. I would love to get one someday but I need to play it with someone as I’m a D&D player and RPG lover. Didn’t take much of booths around as I was walking around looking at performances. Talking with friends and pictures of me been taken.

One of the reason I’m attending this event is to make some new friends. It’s always a plus to make new friends.

One of the singer that perform on stage. She’s so cute! Her performance was flawless. Singing japanese song and dancing at the same time.

Here is a photoshoot just behind the event. Nothing much but just to see how I look like with lighting and stuff. Thanks to him for bringing me around KK.

Overall I had a wonderful time at Hobbycon. Tho I didn’t take alot of pictures and if I did, it was on my camera phone. Met new friends, funny moments happen with my friends, truly wonderful and enjoyable event.

And as always, thanks for reading! =)

Mami Tomoe


Here are some pictures that my friends took during a photoshoot. After some waiting for my wig and costume to come. My friends ask me to do a photoshoot. These are some of the pictures. There are more to come after they finish processing them. I decided to show my face for now. So I hope some aren’t disappointed. >.<

Later that night, It was my friend’s birthday too. We went to a grill/steamboat restaurant to celebrate. It was slightly pricey that any normal restaurant but it was good and worth it.

Not using oil but water. This is a first for me and it is wonderful. Grilling them meats was juicy and tender. I’ll most definitely will come back for it.

Anyway, stay tuned for more pictures to be uploaded and always, thanks for reading.

Edit1: And I if you are wondering. Yes my beret is on the wrong side.

What’s in the package? Part 2

This should give you a better picture of what I have now. Lol. Haven’t bought my wig for her but soon… First, having her full costume then next comes her wig and lastly gonna make her musket out of PVC and stuff.

P.S: the cropped picture off my head is intentional.


What’s in the package? Part 1

One of the stuff that came in the mail. I’m surely you know who’s these boots belong to. =)

Looks like it’s end of September. Thing gotta be done. My Exams are postponed after my holidays which is now. Due to “system update” of the exam module, problem began to arise when my course mates and me sat for our exam. Which means more time for me for my work and other stuff at the meantime.

I blame the management. No proper pass down of task to new lectures and they are having a hard time preparing the exam system for us.

Besides that, gonna get my car fixed this coming Saturday. Ever since the “accident”, I’m beginning to be paranoid of dogs beside the road. You never know if they are gonna pass through the road. -___-

Anywho, more updates to my blogs and stuff coming up soon. Thanks for reading.  =D



Package arrived~~

Got something in the mail yesterday! 8D

As it is 4.40am now. I shall sleep.