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7Days Hikikomori

Have not come out from my house (except for buying food) about 7 days. Mostly because I’m broke. And it’s only half way the month!

I forgotten about my yearly domain subscription. Not to mention the Tab.


It’s 2:43am and raining outside, just writing this post out of boredom. Playing games, watching jdrams and of course listening to AKB48/SKE48 songs. Nothing like listening to them to bring up the mood.

Well, I did had the chance to go out but it was a wedding dinner and family dinner. Didn’t choose to go. I feel that my  presence wasn’t needed. All I can think of is sit there and eat. I’m getting more personal stuff done at home.


Thinking of keeping my hair a bit long again. But surly mum would nag about it.

My body clock is now in the night mode once more. Sleeping at 5am and waking up at 2pm-ish. With nothing much to do. I sleep a lot and hope to drift away in a dream. A good dream would be nice. A good story, a bit random but nice.

Anyway, feel like taking a hot bath. Thanks for reading my boredom post this late night if you are in the same time zone as me.



Sigh… This days is going on pretty slow. Here I am and it’s 2:36am staring at the screen and writing a blog entry while listening to Jazz from Noriyuki Iwadare’s album “Turnabout Jazz Soul” from Ace Attorney. I would go to sleep but there’s too much things going on my head. Sometimes I would stare into blank space.

Table is full of stuff. Went to Mcdonald and bought some food back. Lazy to clean them out now. Maybe when I’ll take some water then I’ll clean them out. Warm… warm room… Just only my fan giving much air around but still feel abit chilled. I guess that’s what I get for not putting some fat on or rather I can’t. Hot tea, hot coffee or water only keeps me warm. Very much soothing from the inside.

*headdesk*… … … …

I wonder how is it gonna be in a slumber or suspended animation in a cryo chamber and waking up 10 to 20 years later. It may feel like it was waking up the next morning but only it’s 10 to 20 years later. The change of the world and people around you. The events you missed. It would be interesting to experience but then again it would be to much of a shock.

My mind is wondering around. I don’t know what to think properly now. I’m just watching youtube videos of Lets play like Chrono Trigger. I remember playing it but I didn’t finish the game. Sometimes slow video commentary or music playing in the background helps me to sleep.

*sigh…. …* 2:53am

Been attached to jazz for awhile now. Tho the major influential was watching Sakamichi no Apollon but I’d like jazz before I watched this anime. Some jazz is abit up beat but I like those are slow. It makes me sway to the beat. Just closing my eyes and listening to it would drift my mind to somewhere else.

I guess I get back to watching lets play videos. That’s my entry for the chronicles of boredom. Letting my mind drift away and my fingers doing the typing for it.

Thank again for those who are following my blog. Till next time.


Manage to get my CGPA 3.20 last sem from a 3.00. Hope I can maintain above 3.00. All these codes are giving me a headache.

Last night was staring at my PC for like 2 hours doing nothing. Head just drifted away. Didn’t felt like playing any games. Went to sleep at 6am and woke up to class feeling sleepy. There was a dream that made me rather satisfied and no, it wasn’t a wet dream or anything like that. It was like the feeling of satisfaction wining a competition of some sort. Forget most of it anyway.

Last week was a sick week for me. I just recovered from a fever, sore throat, cough and flu. Lost my voice in between. Can’t talk for 2-3 days. Someone mistaken me as another person when talking to me over the phone. lol.


Yeap. I do that alot now. Bored in front of my PC.

Anyway if you are reading this. Thanks for following this boring post.


Hmm… This is the 1st time i’m traveling alone. Hope my trip will be good and awesome.

But anyway, still packing my stuff as my flight will be in 12hours. lol. And i’m here writing a blog post.

*packs some more* Got off tracked by something I need to pack. Meds. Allergic pils, panadols and others, in case i fall sick or what not.

*double check on clothes* OK… I think I almost got everything packed. I think…

I’ll be gone for a week. Which means no Battlefield 3 for me. 😦 Need to frag more players and do some epic stunts. Battlefield 3 has an 3.9Gb update which is HUGE! This is the first time that I saw an update this big. It’s still updating as of now.

But to all my readers, thanks again for reading this boring post. I’m still kinda active. Gonna post pictures during my trip. So stay tuned.

Coffee and time


Another day, damn early before class. Alot if time to kill. Sitting alone at a cafe having my café latte.

Yawning in the corner. The soundtrack they put on is an environmental theme with some piano playing. Slowly I stare outside to the passing cars. The bottles of syrups above me with lots of variety from strawberry, lavande to vanilla. Blurred glass caused by condensation slowly becoming small droplets of water.

Everything seems fast to me as I drift into a state of boredom n sleepy. Don’t meant to eavesdrop on people’s convo but couldn’t help it as I’m not concentrating on anything.

My coffee is half way done as I now thinking about next month plan. So much to do, so little time. Come to think of it, I just remembered that coffee doesn’t help me much. I just get sleepy. I remember the time I had my first espresso. Bitter as hell but as soon I sat in the car I fall asleep.

It’s 1:30 pm now. About half an hour before my class starts. Still bored. Class later is also going to be boring too. I guess I better get going to class first and take a short nap.

Thanks for reading. Another entry of boredom.

Busy month is busy

This month is getting busier by the days. Exams are just around the corner. With 2 subjects and all my assignments done. I don’t really know if I can pull it off. I hope I pass. Class lately have been boring. I go once a week rather than twice a week since there isn’t much things to do I class besides just doing tutorials. At least the lecturer email me the notes and tutorial questions. Finish them up and send them back.

Besides study, also with my part time job and video project. As the dead line draws closer, I’m beginning to slow down on things and so as time. Been sleeping more than usual lately. Maybe because I’m falling sick too. Flu, sore throat, and cough. Nothing serious but still annoying. I do drink water, but maybe not enough.

Oh, there is another event too that I’m also gonna help out. My previous university anime club. They are gonna held a Maid Cafe on campus. I’ll be one of the 2 photographers during the event. There will be 3 maids and a butler. I’ll be posting up pictures. Which reminds me, I forget to post some pictures of the maids and butler photoshoot. Maybe I’ll do that later on.

Haven’t been posting much lately, since nothing have really happen over the past week. Been sleeping alot and my internal clock is messed up. It’s now 6.19 a.m as I’m writing this post.

Anyway, gonna head to sleep and as always thanks for reading if there is people who still following my blog.

Internal Clock

Well, my internal clock is screwed once again. Tried to reset it but failed. My sleeping hours is screwed too. From sleeping at around 1-2am, now I’m sleeping at 5-6am and eating at 4 am. Getting up is another thing. Certain mornings I wake up, but still staying in bed for a good hour before getting up for good. But also, there’s a chance that I will fall back to sleep again and there goes my lunch.

On afternoons, sometime there is nothing to do and the feeling of sleeping to pass the time is there again. All these sleeping is giving me weird dreams or rather interesting. Sometimes feels like I want to sleep forever but that’s unlikely to happen unless…. INCEPTION. lol.

By the way, another festive season is just round the corner. Lots of my friends came back to celebrate. Cool to see them back here. Haven’t been blogging much lately. Been sending emails, dealing with support work and sleeping. Nothing interesting. Mostly is sleeping, waking up, eating, going out and back to sleep.

Anyway, as always, thanks for reading. =)