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Finally had my Convocation this morning.

Apparently I’ve been awarded Most Outstanding Academic Award Achievement.

Had to give a speech and it was a Speedrun. It felt like a 10 minutes speech but friends told me it was under a minute.

Achievement Unlocked: 1 minute speech.


Authentic Ramen Locally

My friend from Japan came back to kuching and wanted to try his ramen.

It was good.


Nothing like a good lunch with great friends and beer.

AIDOL Fortune Cookie Dance Ver. Colaboration

Me and the staff of AIDOL did our Dance version of AKB48 32th single Koisuru Fortune Cookie

[AKB48 32nd Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo] My Heart Is Ready


Less than 5 more days to the AKB48 32nd Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo! I’ll be watching it live Stream if there is.

Malaysian General Election

94tstsd3Today is voting day for Malaysian General Election. The ink is just to signify that I’ve already voted.

Today the ballots will be open tonight and results will be shown on national TV.



Finally Fiber Optic

Finally I have a fiber optic line. Now I can upload stuff faster and stream from my PC.

Dad transferred the bill to my name, means I don’t need to bug him about upgrading to a faster package.

For now I’m on a 5mpbs package up/down from my 4mpbs down and 512kbps up. Horrible upload speed. Took ages to upload my videos to youtube. Now it’s 10 times faster and I can keep my video quality up instead of scaling them down which looks like crap.






さぁ~ これは初めての日本語最小のブログをポスト。


えと。最近、少しで日本のパーティクルがわかります. でも、まだ難しいです。カンジがまだ読みませんですが少しにカンジでわかります。



Pardon my mistakes. Still learning those particles and more japanese words.

But anyway, Today is my dad’s birthday. Me and my mum is gonna treat my dad for dinner at a restaurant.

Dad, Happy Birthday! 誕生日おめでとう!