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Well, my vacation ended. I really had a blast. I really enjoy my time there. Good food, friends and hobbycon 2011. Thanks to the organizers who invited me. It really feels like my hometown as I don’t feel home sick or anything. Certain places look really like the places around my hometown.

I thank my fiends who brought me around and for the people and cosplayers I met. Nice to meet you.

As of now, I’m back home for my work and assignments. Yeap, back to life. As for my interest, I have 2 project in mind. Not going to announce it first but those who know, I would like you guys to keep to yourselves.

The rest of pictures of me will be uploaded soon if I can manage to get them photos that are taken during the event. I didn’t have time to take them myself.

But as always, Thanks for reading. =D It’s been a tiring day and I need to regenerate my energy. Been sleeping late and waking up early.


Vacation Teaser





Just a teaser of my vacation. Did took quite a few pictures but on  phone quality. I’m still on my vacation. Will be back on wednesday evening.

Mami Tomoe


Here are some pictures that my friends took during a photoshoot. After some waiting for my wig and costume to come. My friends ask me to do a photoshoot. These are some of the pictures. There are more to come after they finish processing them. I decided to show my face for now. So I hope some aren’t disappointed. >.<

Later that night, It was my friend’s birthday too. We went to a grill/steamboat restaurant to celebrate. It was slightly pricey that any normal restaurant but it was good and worth it.

Not using oil but water. This is a first for me and it is wonderful. Grilling them meats was juicy and tender. I’ll most definitely will come back for it.

Anyway, stay tuned for more pictures to be uploaded and always, thanks for reading.

Edit1: And I if you are wondering. Yes my beret is on the wrong side.

Food Festival Pictures Part 1

Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken while I was there. Awesome food around. As you can see, It’s very crowded and to get a table is very hard. Unless you come at 4-5pm while the tables and chairs are being set up. My friends and I manage to “hijack” a table after asking a family that was almost done with their food. Waited for like half an hour standing around, waiting for a free table. Anyway, the food festival is gonna last for 3 weeks. Will go again another time for some awesome food.

Thanks for reading =D

P.S: Sorry guys. I totally forget about the pictures which I’ve said that I’m gonna put up. Busy with other stuff till I forget.

Anri Photoshoot

Lighting and studio equipment by my friends.

Tool of the trade: EOS 550D + 50mm f/1.8